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I have multiple accounts at Kienlongbank, do I need to register for e-banking for each account?

  • You only need to register for Internet Banking service once to monitor and manage all your accounts currently in Kienlongbank.
  • In case of adding a new account after the period of Internet banking registration, you need to request the teller at counter to update information of new account number registered on Internet banking service.

Can I use Kienlongbank Internet Banking service when going abroad?

  • Internet Banking service of kienlongbank can be used anytime, anywhere. If you regularly go abroad and make financial transactions, please choose the transaction authentication method via Kienlongbank eToken.


What is SMS Banking service of Kienlongbank? What does the procedure include if I want to register to use the service?

I. SMS Banking service: is a type of electronic banking service provided by Kienlongbank to serve customers' needs in using Kienlongbank services, products and other utilities through text message composing. according to the syntax specified by Kienlongbank and send it to Kienlongbank's SMS switchboard.

II. Registration procedures:

Customers must provide the following documents after registering to use SMS Banking:

1. Individual customers:

  • Certificate of using SMS Banking service;
  • ID card / Passport of account holder.

2. Institutional customers:

  • Voice of registration to use SMS Banking service signed and sealed by the legal representative or authorized person of the organization;A certified copy of the organization's decision to appoint the legal representative;
  • ID card / Passport of the legal representative and / or authorized person;
  • A certified copy of the enterprise establishment registration certificate / operation registration certificate / organization establishment decision;
  • Organization's authorization certificate for the individual of the organization to register SMS Banking service (in case of authorization).

I registered for SMS Banking service, but why does my account balance change, I can't receive SMS? Reason?

  • In case, registered for SMSBanking service, but when your account changes the balance, you do not receive SMS, please contact hotline 1900 6929 or Kienlongbank's branches / transaction offices for assistance in checking and handling.

With SMS Banking of Kienlongbank, can customers make money transfer transactions?

  • Customers cannot use SMS Banking to perform money transfer transactions.

Which mobile networks can use SMS Banking?

  • Customers can register to use SMS Banking service with Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel, Gmobile, Vietnammobile phone networks.

Where can I find  instructions for syntax in Kienlongbank's SMS Banking service?

  • Instructions for using Kienlongbank's SMS Banking service

What is 3D Secure service?

  • 3D Secure is a service of securing online payment transactions with international cards cooperated by Kienlongbank and Visa international card organization to protect Kienlongbank Visa international cardholders from unauthorized fraudulent transactions by revealing payment information on card.

How does 3D Secure protect cardholders?

When making online payment for goods / services:

  • If 3D Secure is not available : the payer enters Full Name, card number, validity period, CVV code on the back of the card, then the payment has been granted.       
  • If 3D Secure is available : In addition to the payment information on the card, the payer is also required to enter the OTP sent to Cardholder's phone number at the paymenttime to authenticate real Cardholder.       

Where can I use 3D Secure?

The 3D Secure service is available at all websites that have a "Verified by Visa" or "Visa Secure" logo.

Some popular websites offer 3D Secure: