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Who are target customers for guarantee in sale or lease of houses to be built in future?

  • Corporate customers who are investors of real estate projects.

How is the Guarantee method?

  • By limit or by time

What are documents in guarantee in sale or lease of houses to be built in future?

  • Application for guarantee (in Kienlongbank's form) 
  • Legal and financial documents of the Project
  • Legal and financial documents of the investor.

What is discount rate for L/C method?

  • Up to 100% of value of bill of exchange.

In addition to general credit documents, what documents do customers need to provide when applying for a Bid Security?

  • Invitation to bid/Letter of invitation to bid; or Bidding Documents/Bidding Rules.
  • For customers who are subcontractors (in case the beneficiary is the investor): Contract signed between main contractor and subcontractor; The document containing the investor's approval for the subcontractor's participation in the contract performance; or
  • Contract signed between investor, main contractor and subcontractor.

When is effective period of the advance payment guarantee?

  • The guarantee is only valid when entire advance amount under contract is credited to account and Kienlongbank blocks 100% of the guarantee value for issuance of letter of guarantee.

Can VND savings book be used as a mortgage to borrow foreign currency (USD)?

  • Yes - foreign currency lending is in compliance with provisions of the foreign exchange management and relevant current regulations of Kienlongbank.

Loans in foreign currencies, when customers pay debts, in which currency?

  • It is the foreign currency of disbursed loan. Other foreign currency shall be converted at cross rate announced by Kienlongbank at the debt payment time.

What is the maximum term of mortgage loan of valuable papers issued by another credit institution?

  • Equal to remaining validity of such valuable paper.

What is the maximum loan term for mortgage of valuable papers issued by Kienlongbank?

  • By needs of customers and by Kienlongbank’s appraisal and approval.