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Security Policy

Sincerely thank for accessing Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Kienlongbank) website. The operation of Kienlongbank website is built on the foundation of trust between customers and our Bank. You are kindly requested to consider your personal information privacy when accessing the website. Kienlongbank will implement the customer personal information confidentiality with best efforts and comply with law provisions.


Kienlongbank always adheres to the following security principles:

- Only request personal information that we believe is relevant and necessary for us to understand our customers' financial needs and perform banking operations.

- Using customers' personal information to provide better banking products and services.

- Transfering your personal information to companies under Kienlongbank or our Branches/Transaction Offices when permitted by law.

- Never disclose your personal information to any external organization, unless the customer agrees or is required by law or Kienlongbank has given you prior notice.

- From time to time, Kienlongbank may have to provide personal information of customers to a competent state agency, but we only carry out this provision in accordance with our authority.

- Set a goal to store personal customer information accurately and up to date.

- We maintain rigorous security systems designed to prevent any individual, including our employees, from accessing unauthorized customers' personal information. All Kienlongbank companies, our employees and all third parties authorized to access customer information are required to comply with our privacy obligations.

- By maintaining Kienlongbank's commitment to the above principles, Kienlongbank wants to affirm that we always respect your trusts.


Kienlongbank will implement all the safest and most reasonable protection measures to ensure your personal information. We always complies with the laws relating to information storage and use.

Linked webs

The Bank and any other member is not responsible for content or design of any other website linked to Kienlongbank website. When customers access and use such other websites, customers will be at their own risk and abide by terms and conditions of use applicable to such access/use.

Data security

All customer information on Kienlongbank system is kept confidential according to banking industry standards:

- Security is the first priority of Kienlongbank. We endeavor to ensure that customer personal data is protected from unauthorized or accidental access, processing or deletion. Kienlongbank always maintains its commitment to data privacy by applying physical, electronic and managerial measures to protect customers' personal data.

- The secure area of the website supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 256 bit encryption technology - the standard encryption mode on the Internet to protect data. When customers provide sensitive information such as credit card details, these data will be encrypted before being sent securely on the internet.

- Kienlongbank servers are protected by a "firewall" and the "intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)" system which is continuously monitored by administrators to prevent any unauthorized or suspicious access. The client's password is encrypted in one direction, so even the server administrator cannot know yours.

- When having security problems, customers need to contact the Bank immediately, avoiding the bad guys using the loophole.

Account security

- All customer account information interacting with Kienlongbank system is through emails. Therefore, to secure the personal information, please keep email information confidential.

- Do not write your account information anywhere, but keep in mind.- Customers must pay attention to log-off Kienlongbank's online banking service after completing the transaction, and refrain from shutting down the browser.

- Kienlongbank will never ask customers for account password to ensure that only customers know that password. Do not choose predictable numbers such as birthdays, phone numbers or part of your name as a password. If the customer thinks that the account information or secret code has been disclosed to a third party, is lost or stolen and a transaction may arise from that is not conducted by the customer, the customer has responsibility to notify Kienlongbank immediately.

- Both banks and customers play an important role in combating fraud. It is the responsibility of the customer not to disclose account information to others with or without intention.

Copyright and trademark 

- Kienlongbank is the owner of trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on website www.kienlongbank.com. Users are not allowed to use these without written permission of Kienlongbank.

- Materials on the website www.kienlongbank.com are protected by copyright. No one may modify, copy, transcribe in electronic memory, transfer, simulate, distribute, commercially or publicly use any part of these materials without Kienlongbank's authorization, pre-approval in writing.

Personal customer information collection and confidentiality

- Client access may be logged for purpose of analyzing site visitation data and common usage patterns.

- Through this collection, Kienlongbank wishes to provide better, more efficient service to customers.

- Some of the customer's website visit information will be collected through "cookies" (a small data file that automatically stores the number of web visits on your computer and can use cookies to restore your visit. If you want to disable these cookies, you can change settings on your browser. However, it may not be possible to access certain parts of our website.

- Marketing, promotion campaigns: We may from time to time collect personal information from website visitors and individuals participating in contests or promotions (online or over the phone or at one of branches). This information is only collected from individual volunteers. We may use this information to inform and recommend products, services and other marketing materials that we deem relevant to the above individuals' interests. We may also invite website visitors to participate in research, market surveys and other similar activities.

- Promotion, marketing programs: in these programs (online, telephone or at counter), Kienlongbank may collect personal information from those who agree to provide such information. The bank may use this information to advise on products, services and related marketing materials. Customer has option to receive marketing materials via e-mail or mail and has right to discontinue receiving such materials.

Guidance on security principles 

- For transactions to be carried out safely, avoiding online fraud, customers and Kienlongbank both play an important role in protecting customers' personal information. Customers should be cautious about using and protecting account information by not sharing, providing or facilitating others to access, use the Username/Password.

- Kienlongbank always tries to protect customers' information with its best efforts. However, Kienlongbank understands that customers will bear all losses equivalent to the value of the unauthorized transactions in case these transactions to be performed by the customer's account without errors or inadvertently from the customer side.

Principle to secure your Username, Password:

- Do not disclose Username/Password to anyone, never write or use it visibly to everyone.

- When choosing a password, should not choose easily identifiable information such as full name, date of birth, telephone number or some recognizable characters, numbers from the customer's name, date of birth, phone number.

- Log-off the system and browser when leaving the computer.

- When suspecting that the password has been revealed, please change immediately, in case of need, immediately notify and request support from Kienlong via Hotline: 1900 6929 hoặc (028) 7309 6929

Security commitments 

Kienlongbank commits to ensure the confidentiality of customers' information within Kienlongbank's management.

Personal information of customers will be stored and kept confidential in accordance with the relating law provisions.

The personal information of customers is protected by Kienlongbank from any unauthorized access from any third party. For more information, please contact Kienlongbank Customer Service Hotline: 1900 6929 hoặc (028) 7309 6929

Other terms 

Kienlongbank reserves the right to amend and update the above listed terms in this privacy policy at any time without prior notice to customers. The latest updated privacy policy will be archived/displayed on Kienlongbank's website.