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What should I do if I forget my Kienlong Mobile Banking password?

Please go to any Kienlongbank branch / transaction office to request a re-issue of your password on Mobile Banking.

If I top-up wrong phone number or transfer money to wrong phone number, what should I do? Can I get my money back? And how to get?

  • In case, you transfer / top-up wrong phone number which is valid and the transaction is completed, you cannot cancel the transaction, that is, cannot get the money back.
  • Note: Phone number transfer can only be made when the beneficiary's phone number is registered for Kienlong Mobile Banking and the money transfer transaction will be processed immediately. Please check "Confirmation" screen on the beneficiary's account information before entering the verification code to confirm the transaction.

As a Kienlong Mobile Banking user, what should I pay attention to for secured transaction?

Kienlongbank has fully satisfied the requirements and conditions for safety and security for Mobile Banking transactions of customers. However, you should note the following important points:

  • Do not disclose it to anyone (including bank staff) or write down password of your Kienlong Mobile Banking transaction.
  • Do not put MPIN / OTP eToken Pin code as personal information (such as date of birth, phone number, license plate ...) or predictable numbers (such as 111111, 123456).
  • Always carry mobile device (mobile phone, tablet ...) registered with Kienlong Mobile Banking with you.
  • Register to use SMS Banking to always monitor balance fluctuation of current account registered Mobile Banking.

Note: In case of revealing access name and password, Customer number, access information, OTP eToken Pin code or account is misused or questionable, Customer shall immediately notify Kienlongbank or by phone at (028) 7309 6929 or 1900 6929 or the phone number notified by Kienlongbank from time to time.

What is Internet Banking service of Kienlongbank? What does the procedure include if I want to register to use the service?

I. Internet Banking service: is electronic banking service provided by Kienlongbank so that customers can legally use Kienlongbank services, products and other utilities via Internet Banking through website https://ebank.kienlongbank.com/.

II. Registration procedure:

1. Individual customers: 

  • Internet Banking service application;
  • ID card/Passport of account holder. 

2. Institutional customers: 

  • Internet Banking service application signed and sealed by legal representative or authorized person of organization; 
  • Certified copy of organization's decision to appoint legal representative; 
  • ID card/Passport of legal representative and/or authorized person; 
  • Certified copy of enterprise establishment/registration certificate/operation certificate/organization establishment decision; 
  • Authorization letter to organization’s officer to register for Internet Banking service (in case of authorization). (*) In case institutional customer needs Internet Banking with single user, Kienlongbank shall register for such single user and provide the user with both transaction codes for 2 levels of creation and approval.

What benefits does Kienlongbank Internet Banking bring?

1. Convenience: Customers can make transactions anytime, anywhere without going directly to Kienlongbank's transaction offices.

2. Utilities with many functions provided by Kienlongbank: 

  • Query on account information.
  • Transaction history on deposit account. 
  • Transfer within Kienlongbank's system Funding outside Kienlongbank's system.
  • Transfer schedule: allow to schedule a transfer at a future date.
  • Save beneficiary information.
  • Payment of bills 
  • Top up phone, etc.

3. Save money and time

4. Safe and secure transaction authentication methods.


Which Internet Banking service packages does Kienlongbank offer? What are the differences between these packages?

Kienlongbank provides Internet Banking service packages for each customer and transaction limit of each package is different. In which, limit of individual customers is used for Internet Banking service and Mobile Banking service.

  • For Individual: 04 packages
  • For Corporate: 06 packages

What are conditions for using Kienlongbank Internet Banking?

To use Internet Banking of Kienlongbank, you need:

  • Register to use Internet Banking at any branch / transaction office of Kienlongbank. Accordingly, you are committed to comply with terms and conditions of Kienlongbank's e-banking service.
  • Have a current account at Kienlongbank.
  • Have an Internet-connected device to use Kienlongbank's Internet Banking service via the access address https://ebank.kienlongbank.com/ such as: computers, tablets, phones with Internet connection etc ..

I have completed Internet Banking registration procedure at Kienlongbank branch / transaction office, how long will it take for me to receive my password?

  • Within 1 working day, you will have your Internet Banking login password by Kienlongbank via the phone number registered with the bank.

What should I do when I cannot log in to Internet Banking?

  • Please check that your username and password are correct.
  • If your username and password are correct and still cannot log in to Internet Banking, please contact Kienlongbank hotline at 19006929 or visit Kienlongbank's branch / transaction office for support.

Which browser can I use to use Kienlongbank Internet Banking?

  • You can use all browsers such as Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Firefox, Chrome, Opera to access Kienlongbank Internet Banking via: https://ebank.kienlongbank.com