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Kienlongbank website use agreement

Website www.kienlongbank.com is an asset owned by Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Kienlongbank). Your access to the website means that you fully understand, agree and commit to comply with the following Terms:

Kienlongbank web’s contents

The contents of the Kienlongbank website wholly or partly include trademarks, symbols, images, logos, images, software, text and other contents. All information contents are property of, and controlled by Kienlongbank. Kienlongbank brand includes logo, name and colors. Kienlongbank uses two main colors: Red (Yin element) represents enthusiasm, warm emotions, determination and new spirit. Green color (Yang element) represents the youthfulness, fertility, strong vitality, sustainable and beautiful development. 

The above two tones are harmonized and clearly convey the essential personality, courage, enthusiasm, dedication and sharing in banking and finance industry. 

As the legal owner of the website's displayed contents, Kienlongbank reserves rights to amend, supplement or delete any content at any time without notice. The product and service contents on Kienlongbank's website are introductory and not automatically effective at any time or place that customers visit. Kienlongbank has right to suspend or stop providing services via the website. 

No one may alter, delete, destroy, tamper with, copy, disclose, display, illegally move, commercially or publicly use any part or all of these materials without prior written approval of Kienlongbank. The use is legal if the following criteria are fully met:

- For the purpose of transaction with Kienlongbank.

- For use, it is required to quote the source and keep the link of original document, maintain information integrity and ensure the intellectual property rights of Kienlongbank over intellectual properties on the website www.kienlongbank.com.

Access and use 

Kienlongbank strictly prohibits the unauthorized use of the website, wrong password or unauthorized use of any information and documents posted on Kienlongbank website. In case of detecting unauthorized access and use, Kienlongbank may immediately terminate the agreement and/or customer's right to access at any time without prior notice, request customers to compensate for damages (if any).


Kienlongbank does not guarantee that any email sent to Kienlongbank via internet will be kept confidential. Kienlongbank will not be responsible for any loss to the user if using unsecured email (if any). Kienlongbank is not responsible for direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of this website in contravention of regulations, instructions or failure to comply with information security regulations.

Limitations and Responsibilities

Liability under any conditions or warranties that cannot be excluded in accordance with the law, will be limited by Kienlongbank's decision to choose to replace, repair, or re-supply services or payment of costs for the service re-supply or product repair.

Kienlongbank to the extent permitted by law, under any circumstances, will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, loss or damage arising in connection with this website and/or other linked websites or from any party using or not using the Website due to mistakes, errors, interruptions, delay in operation or data transmission, viruses, system errors or transmission.

Kienlongbank constructs information and materials on this website with the utmost discretion. However, Kienlongbank does not guarantee the absolute accuracy, suitability and completeness of the contents posted on the website, within the limits permitted by law. Kinelongbank is not responsible for errors or omissions in the information and documents, warranties that do not violate third party rights, property rights, or guarantee the site is free from viruses.

With regard to signal and information transmission, Kienlongbank does not guarantee that data transmission lines are not slow, interrupted, error or signal loss. For transmission lines caused by transmitting devices not under Kienlongbank's control, we do not guarantee that there are no viruses, harmful programs or no damage to the customer's computer system.

For the safe information download, it is responsibility of the customer to use appropriate security equipment and programs and perform virus scans, without any harmful programs.

Linked webs 

Kienlongbank is not responsible for any information, materials, products, services or content posted, provided at other websites linked to this website and the safety and security of such websites. When accessing and using other linked websites, you must comply with the terms of use, safety and security of those websites and be solely responsible for any loss or damage to your own access, use.