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Which cards are Kienlongbank issuing?

Currently, Kienlongbank is issuing the following cards:

1. Domestic debit card:

  • Hoang Sa card 
  • Truong Sa card 
  • Student co-brand card 
  • Co-brand card 
  • Salary payment card 

2. International debit cards:

  • JCB Classic
  • JCB Platinum

3. International credit cards: 

  • Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum
  • JCB Classic, JCB Gold, JCB Platinum

What is primary card? What is supplementary card?

  • Primary card is the card under which the account holder in his/her name agrees on the use of the Card with the Bank and is obliged to comply with such agreement.
  • Supplementary card is the card issued by the Bank at the request of the primary cardholder, the supplementary card linked to the primary card's account. Therefore, the primary cardholder is responsible for the transactions that arise, as well as complying with the provisions in the agreement with the Bank on supplementary cards.

After registering for card issuance at Kienlongbank's branch / transaction office, how long will it take for the customer to receive the card?

  • Maximum 5 working days after the bank receives the full application.

Who can register to open a card at Kienlongbank?

Vietnamese citizens or foreigners permitted to legally reside in Vietnam for a period of 12 months or more:

  • From full 18 years old and above, having full civil act capacity under provisions of law;
  • Persons from full 15 years old to under 18 years old do not lose or have limited civil act capacity.

What is my personal number or PIN?

  • Personal Identification Number or PIN (abbreviated as “PIN”): is a 6-digit code set, memorized and used by the cardholder himself, this number is used in transactions. card to identify and authenticate cardholder.
  • To use the card, you use the PIN issued by the Bank for the first time to change to a new PIN (new 6 digits) and remember to use it for the following transactions.

Can the card issued by Kienlongbank be used for online transactions via the Internet?

  • Currently, cards issued by Kienlongbank can perform online transactions via Internet

To ensure the safety of card transactions, what should customers pay attention to?

To ensure the safety of your card usage, you should note the following important points:

  • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone.
  • PIN should not be set as personal information (such as date of birth, phone number, license plate number ...) or predictable numbers (such as 111111, 123456).
  • Do not give the card to others to use, for example, do not ask others to withdraw money for you.
  • Use your hand to cover the keypad when entering your PIN at ATM / POS.
  • Register to use SMS Banking service to always monitor changes in the balance of your credit card account.
  • In case of detecting or suspecting that the card has been misused, the revealed card information, immediately call 1900 6929 to request the card lock.

When discovering the card is lost, or stolen, what should customer do?

  • You should immediately call Kienlongbank hotline 1900 6929 to support 24 hours / 7 days to request the card lock, then bring your ID / passport to any Kienlongbank branch / transaction office to request a new card.

Using Kienlongbank card, customers have the right to make transaction claims within how many days?

  • You have the right to make claims within 90 days for domestic ATM cards, 70 days for international cards (including holidays, public holidays) from the date of transaction. After this time, Kienlongbank has the right to refuse your inquiry.

In case the card’s magnetic strip has been damaged or is warped and cannot be used, what should customers do?

  • You can bring your ID card / passport to any Kienlongbank branch / transaction office to request a new card.