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What is Kienlong Mobile Banking?

  • Mobile Banking is a type of e-banking service that helps customers to use products, services, perform financial / non-financial transactions and other utilities through applications installed on the device. Mobile telecommunications such as mobile phones, tablets with support for wifi / 4G / 3G / GPRS connection, etc.

What are benefits of Kienlongbank MobileBanking?

1.Convenience: Customers can make transactions simply, anytime, anywhere without going directly to Kienlongbank's transaction offices.

2. Utilities with many functions provided by Kienlongbank: 

  • Querying account and other information.
  • Transfer within Kienlongbank's system
  • Transferring outside Kienlongbank's system
  • Save beneficiary information.
  • Payment of bills 
  • Top up phone, etc.

3. Save money and time

4. Safe and secured transaction authentication methods.


Which service packages are offered by Kienlongbank Mobile Banking?

  • Kienlongbank offers 04 Mobile Banking service packages with transaction limit of each different service package and this limit is used for both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

What are the conditions for using Kienlongbank Mobile Banking?

To use Kienlongbank Mobile Banking, you need:

  • 1.Customers register to use Mobile Banking.
  • 2.Customers agree to terms and conditions of Kienlongbank's Mobile Banking service.
  • 3.Customer has a demand deposit account at Kienlongbank.
  • 4.Customers with mobile equipment such as: mobile phones, tablets with wifi / 4G / 3G / GPRS connection, etc. and using one of the operating systems from iOS 7.0, Android from 4.0.3 through an application installed directly on the mobile device.

How long is the activation code valid?

  • Kienlong Mobile Banking activation code has no validity period.

How to pay QR on Kienlongbank Mobile Banking app?

  • QR Pay helps users to make payments and manage transactions with QR codes of agents anytime, anywhere. This feature is available in Kienlongbank Mobile Banking (mBank) application, suitable for all iOS and Android operating systems.

Can customers pay for electricity, water, phone, internet, cable TV bills via Kienlongbank account?

Yes, they can!

Can I use Kienlong Mobile Banking to top up another phone number?

  • Yes, for theirs and other subscribers, including prepaid and postpaid.

Download Mobile Banking app but can't open it?

Please check the downloaded application is suitable for your phone operating system. There are 2 ways to download application:

  • Option 1: Click on the link from message sent by Kienlongbank.
  • Option 2: Download directly from App store (iOS), CH Play (Android).

In case, the downloaded version is suitable for operating system but still cannot be used, please contact Kienlongbank hotline at 1900 6929 for support.

If I want to change my phone number registered to use Kienlong Mobile Banking, or change the phone, what should I do?

  • In case of phone number registered for Kienlong Mobile Banking change, please go to any Kienlongbank branch / transaction office for support.
  • In case of phone change, please download Kienlong Mobile Banking app on your new device or go to any Kienlongbank branch/transaction office for support.