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As an Internet Banking user of Kienlongbank, what should I pay attention to for secure transactions?

Kienlongbank has fully met the requirements and conditions for safety and security for Internet Banking transactions of customers. However, you should note the following important points:

  • Do not disclose to anyone (including bank staff) or write down your username and password for Kienlongbank Internet Banking.
  • Always carry your mobile phone or token with you.
  • Only log in Kienlongbank Internet Banking directly from Kienlongbank's official website https://www.kienlongbank.com/ or via the address: https://ebank.kienlongbank.com
  • Make sure your computer is installed with new updated antivirus program.
  • Do not use public computers such as in internet cafes which may have been installed with spyware.

Can I perform transactions on Kienlongbank Internet Banking on Sunday?

  • At any time, 24/7. As for holidays and public holidays, ordinary money transfer transactions outside Kienlongbank system will be carried out on the first working day after holiday or public holiday.

If I perform a money transfer transaction on Internet Banking of Kienlongbank, is the processing time delay later than the counter transfer?

Processing time of orders via Internet Banking of Kienlongbank is faster than at counter. With Internet Banking, you only need to perform some simple and much more convenient operations, do not need to go directly to Kienlongbank's Branches / Transaction Offices to fill in papers ... for money transfer.

Transfer money to an account in Kienlongbank system, orders will be processed immediately.

Transfer money to accounts outside Kienlongbank's system, there are 2 forms: 

+ Quick money transfer (24/7): Money transfer orders will be processed immediately.

+ Normal transfer:

From Monday to Friday:

Before 16:00 it will be processed within the same day; After 16:00 it will be processed the next working day; From 16:00 Friday to Sunday: payment orders will be processed on Monday.

Where can I see Internet Banking user guide?

What is Etoken?

  • Is a security application installed on mobile devices to get OTP (one-time authentication code) when making payments or transferring money on Internet banking without Internet access.

How many OTP eToken Apps can I install on a mobile device?

  • A mobile device can install only 1 App for personal or enterprise User.

What should I do if the PIN is entered incorrectly on eToken and the application is locked or the application is deleted from the phone?

  • You need to delete, re-download the eToken app on Stores and re-activate, the app can be used again.

How to activate eToken?

  • You access Internet Banking, select the function "Activate eToken" and follow the instructions to reactivate the application.

Can I increase/decrease the Internet Banking transaction limit? When should I do?

  • Log on Internet Banking and choose the function "Change limit" to choose another service package with higher / lower limit or go to the nearest Kienlongbank transaction office to perform.

How long can I list transactions oo my current account on Internet banking?

  • You can have transactions for 6 months from date… to date….