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Does buying BHNT and transactions at Kienlongbank support reciprocity?

  • AIA and Kienlongbank have appropriate support policies for customers when joining life insurance.

When I need assistance, do I contact AIA or Kienlongbank?

  • When needing support, customers can contact AIA company through the following channels: hotline AIA, IOIS directly serve the contract and My AIA to pay costs if any. In addition, customers can contact Kienlongbank because at Branches / Transaction Offices, IOIS -AIA is available to support.

What are the incentives and promotions when joining life insurance?

  • Depending on the time, customers when joining the Life Insurance at Kienlongbank have different preferential programs and promotions.

How are the roles and responsibilities of AIA and Kienlongbank related to the insurance policy?

  • Kienlongbank introduced (Refer) and coordinated in customer consulting, assisting customers in paying fees and coordinating with AIA in customer care.
  • AIA Company directly signs contracts with customers, is responsible for consulting, implementing contracts, making payments when insurance events occur and customer care after sales.

At what locations of Kienlongbank can I buy AIA insurance?

  • Customers can buy AIA insurance at all (134 locations) of Kienlongbank's transaction offices nationwide.

During the time when participating in insurance, if you are accidentally financially stuck and cannot pay money?

We believe that, when participating in insurance with Kienlongbank and AIA Vietnam, customers have been "financial health check" to choose products as well as the amount of insurance to suit their needs and financial situation. of yourself and your family. On that basis, the premium that customers have to pay periodically will also be in line with financial conditions to ensure the contract is maintained for a long time.

However, temporary financial hardship still exists. In that case, the product terms rule also contains provisions to guarantee the interests of the customer. Specifically as follows:

  • Renewal period of premium payment: If the purchaser of insurance has not been able to pay the premium on the due date, the customer can pay the premium within a grace period of 60 days from the date of arrival.
  • Cash-back advance for auto insurance premiums: For contracts for products such as Living healthier than 100 - Comprehensive critical illness insurance, Sweetcare - Health care insurance for people with diabetes, if the Policyholder fails to pay the due premium and does not request to terminate the Policy at the end of the grace period and the Policy has Value for Refund, AIA will automatic advance from the cashback value equal to the due premium to pay the premium for the customer.
  • Suspension of premium payment: For the contract of investment-linked products such as Full Security Preeminent Life or InvestA - Unit-linked insurance, if the contract is flexible to pay fees, customers can temporarily stop paying fees. To maintain the contract for the client, the company will deduct from the contract's account value to cover risk costs and contract administration costs.
  • Reinstate the validity of the contract: If the customer still does not pay the premium and if the refundable value of the contract is no longer enough to pay the auto premium, or the account value is no longer enough to deduct the fees month, the customer's contract will lapse. In this case, the customer can still request to reinstate the contract within 24 months from the date the contract lapsed.

I have many different life insurance contracts, if unfortunately there are risks, will I be entitled to benefits under all of those contracts?

  • Each Insurance Policy will be paid separately, so according to the need to increase protection from time to time, customers can join many Insurance Policies. When there are risks occurring, customers will enjoy full benefits of each insurance policy.

How much minimum amount does a customer need to have to join life insurance?

  • The amount of money the customer needs to pay the premium depends on many factors, such as the insurance product that the customer participates in, the term of insurance, the amount insured, the age and health status of the customer. participating in insurance…
  • However, according to the current regulations of AIA Vietnam, customers only need at least about 14,000 VND / day (5 million VND / year) to be able to participate in AIA's insurance solutions. With this savings, depending on the accumulated time and insurance goals, Kienlongbank in coordination with AIA will assist you in choosing the product and the corresponding insured amount to help you have the right insurance solution. Best.

Which life insurance product is the best?

Each AIA product is based on the actual needs of each customer, so each product has its own advantages:

- Preeminent lifetime security: Financial protection against risks + efficiency savings + flexibility.

IntegrA - Lifetime critical illness insurance: Lifetime protection of critical illness.

- Sweetcare - Health care insurance for people with diabetes.

InvestA - Unit-linked insurance: Protect your finance against risks and investments.


I already have social insurance and health insurance. So should I join more life insurance or not?

  • Social insurance and health insurance are policies within the social security system that the State provides to certain subjects, contributing to stabilizing lives and providing certain financial protection when suffering from sickness, illness, retirement ...
  • However, the rights, the participants and the coverage as well as the flexibility of these policies have not met the needs of the majority of people. Life insurance is a solution to provide additional insurance services that Social Insurance / Health Insurance does not have, or has but has not yet met the diverse needs of customers. That is also the reason why you should join life insurance, whether or not you already have Social Insurance or Health Insurance.