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Can under 18 aged person receive WU remittance?

By WU regulations, customers must have a valid ID and be at least 18 years old.

Can I authorize a relative to receive WU remittance?

  • WU does not accept authorization, please go directly to any Kienlongbank transaction office to receive money completely free of charge.

I transfer money at counter or internet banking with wrong recipient name, wrong account number, or ID card, date of issue, place of issue, and content of money transfer, can I adjust it (before the transaction is made)?

  • Customers can modify any information on money order except the amount, and go to any transaction office of KLB to request for adjustment, adjustment fee: 20,000VND/item.

I made a money order but discovered the wrong amount of money transfer (or changed my mind, do not want to transfer, or have been scammed….), Can I get my money back?

  • Customer who has ordered to execute a money order cannot recover the transferred amount. KLB only supports customers to execute tracer or refund request sent to the receiving bank for their further works with recipient. 

I don't have an account at Kienlongbank, so can I transfer money to another bank for my relative or partner?

  • Customers can transfer money to relatives, friends or partners at any other bank at Kienlongbank counter.

Is there a limit on amount of money transferred from another bank?

  • No limit.

I have account opened at Ha Tien Transaction Office. I transfer money to my relatives at Kienlongbank - Rach Gia branch. Does the bank charge a fee for my transfer?

  • Customers are free to transfer money between accounts within Kienlongbank system at the same area.

My relatives transfer money from Dong A Bank to Kienlongbank - Saigon Branch for me to receive by ID card. Can I receive money from Tung Thien Vuong Transaction Office? What documents do I need to bring when receiving money?

  • Customers with or without account can receive remittance by ID card at any Branch/Transaction office of Kienlongbank;
  • Please bring ID card or passport.

When transferring money in Kienlongbank system, how long does it take? Charges?

  • The recipient can have account credited after completion of transfer  the money transfer procedures. It is free.

How long will it take to receive money after transferring money outside the system? Charges?

There are the following cases:

- Transfers before 16:30: Kienlongbank processes and recipients can receive within working day.

- After 16:30: Kienlongbank will process and recipients can receive the money on next working day;

- After 16h30 on Friday to Sunday (for normal money transfers): The receiver can receive money on next Monday;

- However, credit depends on the beneficiary bank. For convenience, customers can contact and check the credit information before going to the receiving bank.

- Fee: (applied by fee schedule No. 831 / QD-NHKL dated April 14, 2020)

+ Same province/city where the account is opened: 0.015% (applies until December 31, 2020 ), 0.03% (applied from Jan 01, 2021)

+ Other province/city different from where account is opened: 0.035% (applied until end of Dec 31, 2020), 0.04% (applied from Jan 01, 2021).