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With a long-term goal of becoming a green bank, sharing green values and being pioneer in green programs for community benefits in Vietnam, Kienlongbank always accompanies with local authorities to implement practical social activities to convey the message "Willing to share", contribute to the more meaningful and beautiful life.

KIENLONGBANK’s community activities focus on following areas:

1. Education: Dreaming Sharing

"Dream Sharing" is a program organized by Kienlongbank from 2013 with scholarships to high school students in difficult living circumstances. For the last 7 years, Kienlongbank has offered 15,000 scholarships with total value of 17 billion VND. 

In addition, the Bank also sponsors Study Encouragement Associations, offers thousands of gifts and health insurance to students in many localities across the country.

2. Charity activities

Kienlongbank has implemented many programs to construct nearly 100 charity, community houses for Revolutionary families subsidized by the State, local families in difficulty. In addition, Kienlongbank also donated to East Sea Protection Funds, supported officials and soldiers working on islands, offered military uniforms for veterans...



3. Road building and new rural development

Along with new rural development programs, Kienlongbank financed for roads, 20 bridges and lightning systems at rural locations.

4. Health care

In order to share difficulties and support poor people, households and patients in extremely difficult circumstances, Kienlongbank has participated in many social programs for disease treatment, health care as: offering health insurances for Kien Giang people, sponsoring heart surgery for children, supporting the "Nutrition for poor patient" funds, ambulance car, blood donation, ...

5. Supports for the poor, natural disaster affected

With desire to spread the message of sharing, love and social responsibility of the Bank's staff and employees to customers and the community, Kienlongbank organizes the program "Love sharing for a Warmer Tet (Lunar New Year) for families in difficult circumstances across the country. After 7 consecutive years, the Program has brought happiness for more than 40,000 households with total gift values of 11 billion VND. In addition, Kienlongbank also offered clean water tanks to people in drought areas of Mekong Delta provinces, charity gifts to people suffered from natural disasters and floods in the Central and North-West provinces.

6. Cultural and sport activities

Kienlongbank also regularly sponsors cultural, sport events and other community ones such as 1st Class National Football Championship 2014 - 2017; International U21 football tournament; Fair Play Award; Kienlongbank Kien Giang football team; Long An football team; local banks' sport festivals; tennis tournament for journalists and others.

The beloved "green" color of Kienlongbank continues to share positive emotion, more green activities to empower the belief and ambition for a better tomorrow at localities across the country, to promote tradition of solidarity of all officials and employees with the motto "Willing to share".