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Kienlongbank 25 years a stage of brand development

25 years can be seen as a long time for the development and branding of a business. To have superior products and services, contribution to the development of the banking industry in particular and the economy in general, for Kienlongbank it is a whole way.


Kienlongbank strives to become "a sustainable retail bank in Vietnam" in the near future.

Kienlongbank always prides itself on its efforts in all business activities so that the achieved results will be more prosperous, significant growth in the 25-year development journey (October 27, 1995 - October 27, 2020).

Over the past 25 years, the Vietnamese economy has transformed from a centrally planned economy to a socialist-oriented market economy with many successes. The basic economic indicators such as GDP, import and export, investment, State budget revenues and expenditures were all high and sustainable, social evils were repelled, people's lives improved markedly.

To achieve the above results, in addition to the common contribution of the whole country, the efforts of all branches and levels, there is also a great contribution from the banking industry. The banking industry has made great efforts in mobilizing domestic capital for investment and development, in renewing the lending policy and credit structure based on the feasibility and efficiency of each project, field, industry to improve credit quality for lending, especially giving priority to credit for the fields of agriculture, production business. As a result, bank credit has positively contributed to maintaining economic growth although credit growth has not been high in recent years. Thereby, the banking industry has effectively supported in creating new jobs and attracting labor, contributing to improved income and poverty reduction.

From a rural bank with an initial charter capital of only 1.2 billion VND and 10 staff members, after 25 years of development, Kienlongbank has become a joint stock commercial bank with a charter capital of over 3,200 billion VND with a network of 134 units in nearly 30 provinces and cities nationwide. Number of employees and collaborators up to over 5,000 people, investing in modern technology, providing customers with services and utilities increasingly advanced. That shows the relentless efforts of the Board of Directors and Kienlongbank's staff during the past 25 years.

All of the above efforts have shown Kienlongbank's contribution to the process of improving the service quality of the banking industry, thereby making certain contributions to the overall development of the Vietnamese banking industry.  

Keeping the business motto "Safe-Sustainable-Reasonable Profit"

It can be said that the most basic and sustainable success for Kienlongbank is always keeping the business motto "Safe - Sustainable - Reasonable Profit". During the past time, the operating safety indicators of Kienlongbank has been in compliance with the regulations of the State Bank (SBV). Besides, many new products and services have been deployed effectively. In particular, multi products combined with e-banking technology and customer care programs are one of the advantages for Kienlongbank to attract abundant and stable capital, creating a premise for safe and sustainable credit growth.

Kienlongbank’s core values, " Kind; Prestigious; Consistent; Green" and building a management culture have improved trust and pride in every employee and collaborators of Kienlongbank, brought positive impacts at work, in building relationships and serving customers, thereby creating a good image of Kienlongbank in the community and society.

Constantly innovating in all aspects such as service quality; diversify services and products; 4.0 technology applications in banking management and providing service; keep modernizing the payment system in order to enhance the utility of the services provided by Kienlongbank; rapidly increasing the proportion of non-cash payments and bank payments, thereby contributing to improve economic efficiency and banking performance. These are the strategic solutions that Kienlongbank has been implementing in their business.

In addition, Kienlongbank has also strengthened cooperation policies for co-development with partners that have branch and reputation in the market to enhance the competitiveness of Kienlongbank and help the Kienlongbank’s brand increasingly assert its position. This is the premise and an important motivation for Kienlongbank to continue to grow strongly in the coming time.

These are the contents of Kienlongbank on maintaining the sustainable development of the Bank as well as help Kienlongbank take steady steps, creating a strong premise for long and sustainable strides in future.

Towards the goal of "a sustainable retail bank in Vietnam"

Kienlongbank has identified the target and successfully implemented the Bank’s restructuring plan phase 2 (2016-2020) according to the plan submitted to the State Bank, making Kienlongbank become one of the modern, sustainable developing retail banks in the banking and financial market in Vietnam. Accordingly, the goal of becoming "a sustainable retail bank in Vietnam" will be the message that Kienlongbank's Board of Directors wants to send to all employees, collaborators as well as customers of the Bank.

In order to achieve the goal of Kienlongbank, Kienlongbank will implement a specific strategy such as safe, sustainable operation and reasonable profit, expanding market share through diversifying products and services, promoting electronic banking services development.

Kienlongbank has achieved certain results. However, in the current competitive business environment, it requires that each member of the system is always ready, constantly acquiring new knowledge and improving skills, profession, identifying business opportunities from challenges, striving to complete the Bank's operational objectives.

To achieve the above target, the teams of Kielongbank's employees and collaborators need to firmly maintain and continue to build Kienlongbank culture, "Kind – Consistent - Humility". Moreover, Creating "Passion" and "Sacrifice" in work and management also contributes to the best performance of the Bank's operations in particular and thus making certain contributions to the banking industry and the socio-economy in general.

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