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Who can participate in electronic tax payment?

Tax payer fully satisfies following conditions:

  • Organization or enterprise that is granted a tax code / business registration number and is operating.
  • Having a valid digital certificate issued by a public digital signature authentication service provider.
  • Having a stable Internet and email address connection with the Tax Authority.
  • Having electronic tax declaration on web portal of tax authorities.
  • Having a payment account and registered for electronic tax paying service at Kienlongbank or one of electronic tax payment service banks.

How to perform electronic tax paying at Kienlongbank?

  • Tax payer access website http://nopthue.gdt.gov.vn by tax code and password granted. 
  • Fully fill out and sign Deposit Statement. 
  • Tax data shall be automatically transmitted to Kienlongbank for tax payment. 

Businesses which are declaring taxes electronically through TVAN can participate in electronic tay payment?

  • Yes, they can.

How is registration process and procedures?

  • Step 1: Sign up using e-tax payment on website of General Tax Agency until successful registration notification. 
  • Step 2: Complete e-tax payment form at Kienlongbank. After Kienlongbank’s approval, tax payer shall have their e-tax information and access password via registered email.

How can businesses terminate incorrect registration information?

There are two cases with following solutions: 

  • Wrong registered bank: send such bank written request for cancellation to terminate the registration.
  • Wrong information (email, telephone number): contact the bank’s nearest transaction office for cancellation and re-registration.

How many banks at maximum a tax-payer can register?

  • At all banks connected with General Tax Agency.

Can digital signature for e-tax payment be used for online tax declaration?

  • Yes or the tax-payer can use two signatures at their wish.

Can tax-payer change account number for e-tax payment?

  • Yes, they can contact directly Kienlongbank and we will transmit the new account number to the e-tax payment system.

Does a branch have to make e-tax payment?

  • No if the branch holding company, head office already do.

How do we handle when Deposit Statement cannot processed due to error “Unsuccessful document process at bank” and insufficient account balance?

Check company’s balance whether it is: 

  • Insufficient as required by Kienlongbank’s regulations after deduction of payable tax amount?
  • Insufficient for tax amount?  
  • Tax-payer must deposit more balance into the account for tax payment