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Can Vietnamese individuals transfer foreign currency domestically?

  • Vietnamese individuals are not allowed to transfer foreign currency, except for following cases: Transfer between accounts of the same owner. In case of receiving from another bank, the receiver's document proofs must be requested (only transfer to the same owner allowed).

Can Vietnamese individuals transfer VND to foreigners in Vietnam?

  • Vietnamese individuals are allowed to transfer VND to foreign individuals residing or not residing in Vietnam.

I came to receive Western Union remittances sent by relatives from abroad but the recipient's name was rewritten twice on the system. So can I get the money?

  • WU accepts payment in case the recipient's name is rewritten twice. Therefore, the recipient still receives money when his or her name is rewritten 2 times after providing the money order number (MTCN), the sender's full name, amount, and country by regulations of WU.

What is Western Union remittance service?

  • Fast money receiving service within 10 minutes after the sender completes the money transfer from abroad, through Kienlongbank's partner, Western Union International Money Transfer Company with a network of nearly 8,600 agents in Vietnam.
  • Simple, fast and secure cash receipt procedures at any Kienlongbank's transaction offices across the country to receive money completely free of charge;
  • No limit on the amount received;
  • Customers are not subject to personal income tax;
  • Customers can request to receive in USD or VND only need to provide the 10-digit receiving code (provided by the sender), the name of the sender, the amount of money, the country enclosed with the receiver's identification in accordance with regulations of WU.