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Currently, if I have stocks/bonds/certificates of deposit/savings books (valuable papers), can I pledge it to borrow? and how much money can I borrow?

  • You can pledge the valuable papers to borrow at Kienlongbank (except Kienlongbank shares);
  • Depending on type of equity, you can borrow up to 100% of value of pledged asset by following calculation:
  • Loan amount (Maximum loan/guarantee level) = 100% * [(Asset value) Mortgage + Interest Amount) - (Loan interest + fee payable)].

Does Kienlongbank currently have any non-collateral credit products? If yes, is interest rate higher than mortgage option?

  • Currently Kienlongbank has many loan products to meet diverse needs of customers including non-collateral ones;
  • Depending on customers, lending rate = 12-month saving rate, interest paid at term + % (from 2.7% to 5% / year).

  • What if I borrow a loan and pay interest + principal before maturity? If there is pre-maturity charge, how much is it?

  • In case you pay the principal + interest before maturity, you may incur a penalty for early repayment depending on loan term, difference between loan interest rate and current deposit interest rate, regulations on penalty fees of promotion programs.

Does Kienlongbank have a monthly installment loan for auto ownership certificate as a mortgage? Because I plan to borrow for 12 month term?

  • Kienlongbank has a daily installment loan with a maximum loan term of 09 months (270 days) for your consideration

I have a plan to buy a car, but now I only have more than half of car value, can I borrow with a car mortgage? And what percentage of car value can I borrow? How long is the longest repayment term?

  • You only need to have initial capital at least 30% of car value appraised by Kienlongbank and mortgage 100% new car, Kienlongbank can lend up to 80% of value under sales contract and invoices including VAT (value added tax); The maximum repayment period is 84 months.

Does Kienlongbank let credit staff to provide door-to-door service with installment loan products? Since I work all day and do not have much time to go to Kienlongbank?

  • Kienlongbank has a daily installment loan product that meets needs of customers. Specifically, every day credit collaborator will come to customer's house to collect money for the bank;
  • The bank's products are very flexible in loan application; interest rate; loan term…;
  • Customers can borrow without collateral. Loan amount is up to 12 million VND;
  • If you have collateral, the loan amount can be up to 100 million VND. The loan amount is paid daily at the bank's current interest rate.

Currently, the loan product for agricultural and rural development to support farmers is quite low, I want to borrow 200 million VND to raise pigs, so do I need collateral and to borrow with low interest rates. It's hard?

  • Currently, Kienlongbank provides loans to farmers for agricultural and rural development with very preferential interest rates (for prioritized products). You can borrow 200 million to raise pigs if you meet criteria and conditions as prescribed with this preferential interest rate.
  • Currently, for agricultural and rural development loan, it is not required to carry out loan security procedures such as: notarization, authentication and registration of property security transactions at competent agencies (but customers must submit to Kienlongbank for keeping original of customer's legal land use right certificate);

Currently I want to borrow about 500 million for business and my parents' mortgage is acceptable? And does it require parent's confirmation to do it?

  • You need to have parent's confirmation. Because this security is not yours but your parents';
  • The bank will be responsible for assigning credit officers to contact your parents directly to verify ownership, voluntariness in guaranty, and 3rd party relationships ( parents) and customers, ...
  • In loan procedures, the 3rd party will sign all documents related to the loan as prescribed.

If I mortgage my house to get a bank loan, will my house be kept by the bank?

  • Your loan will use home loan with security but Kienlongbank will not keep your house, but the house’s ownership certificate.

Does Kienlongbank provide overseas student loans? How are loan term and amount?

  • Yes. Kienlongbank lends up to 100% of studying abroad costs and term is up to 120 months.

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