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If I buy a product worth 24 million VND with 50% installment within 12 months, how much will I pay when buying? How about the remaining amount without installment payment registration?

  • The Cardholder will pay by Kienlongbank International Credit Card with the amount of VND 24 million as normal transaction at purchase time. In the first month of installment term, the first amount payable by the Cardholder will be listed on transaction statement as follows: Monthly installment amount = Subscription amount (12 million VND) / Installment term (12 months) = (1 million VND). Unregistered installment amount (12 million VND) Cardholder will be paid to Kienlongbank, same to credit card balance arising from payment for goods / services as in Statement.

If I buy a product worth VND 24 million and install 100% installment within 12 months, how much do I have to pay when buying?

  • Cardholder will make payment by Kienlongbank international credit card with the amount of 24 million VND as normal transaction at purchase time. However, in fact, the Cardholder will only have to pay the exact amount as listed on monthly transaction statement, i.e. 2 million VND/month for 12 months.

Can installments be paid before maturity?

  • Cardholder may make a prepayment payment at any time. In this case, 0% interest rate will still apply to the installment amount.

My credit card currently has 50 million limit, if I subscribe for a 24 million installment product with 6 month period, will my existing 50 million limit be affected?

  • Customer's credit card limit is reduced by 24 million and the available limit is 26 million. The Customer's available limit each month will increase gradually after the customer pays the installment for that month.
  • Example: After the customer has made the first month's installment payment of VND 4 million, the available balance on your credit card will now be: (VND 50 million - VND 24 million) + VND 4 million = 30 million VND.

How will interest rate be charged if credit card balance is due on due date and the Cardholder does not pay the installment payment?

Customers will be charged same interest rate as normal credit card balance as prescribed by Kienlongbank from time to time. The updated credit card interest rate can be accessed at www.kienlongbank.com or contact hotline 1900 6929 for more information.

When I purchase multiple products at a store, do I need to separate invoices for installment and non-installment products?

  • Customers purchase as usual and do not need to separate invoices.

What installment programs does Kienlongbank have?

  • Kienlongbank provides 0% Installment Plans for all partner and non-partner shops

What is the interest rate when buying by installment payment with Kienlongbank international credit card? (for 0% interest installment plan at a partner shop)

  • Cardholder does not bear any interest. Installment interest rate is 0%.

Are there any other fees when purchasing installment payments with Kienlongbank international credit card? (for 0% interest installment plan at a partner shop)

  • Cardholder does not have to pay any other additional fees.

How long can I pay by installment with Kienlongbank international credit card?

  • Cardholder can choose installment terms of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months depending on each partner providing goods/services associated with 0% Installment Plan.

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