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What is Kienlongbank international credit card? What is credit limit?

  • Kienlongbank international credit card is a fast and modern alternative to cash, with many benefits and incentives allowing customers to use the bank's advance money to do payment and pay back later.
  • Credit limit is the total amount granted to you by the bank to pay for goods and services such as shopping, entertainment, travel ... etc.

How to apply for Kienlongbank international credit card?

What does interest free up to 55 days on credit cards mean?

  • Customers paying for goods and services by Kienlongbank international credit card will be exempted from interest on transaction amount for a maximum period of 55 days. The interest free period includes 30 days in the credit card statement period and an additional 25 days of the payment period.
  • Example: Closing date of transaction statement is the 10th of each month and deadline for payment will be 25th day after statement closing date. If a customer makes a purchase on June 11, it will be shown on the transaction notice dated July 10 and the payment deadline is August 4. Thus, customers are entitled to 55 interest-free credit days for this purchase (from June 11 to August 4). If a customer makes a purchase on June 30, the payment deadline is still August 4 and then the interest free period will be less than 55 days.

Where can I view credit card statements?

  • Every month, Kienlongbank will send the Statement to you via email or by post at the address you registered or you can pick up at the place where the card is registered.

What are the statements, statement date, statement period? What is the payment due date?

  • Statement: A detailed transaction statement provided by Kienlongbank to the Cardholder on a monthly basis, notice of the balance at the end of the period, minimum payment amount, payment due date, amount of money the Cardholder has payments, withdrawal transactions, interests, fees, adjusted entries (if any).
  • Statement date: The date of summarizing transactions on the statement.
  • Statement period: is the period between two consecutive statements of Kienlongbank.
  • Payment due date: 25 days from statement date. If the payment due date falls on a holiday / holiday, the payment due date will be calculated on the next business day.

How can I pay off credit card balance?

You can choose one of the following forms of payment

1. Automatic debit to current account:

The system will base on payment deposit account that you have registered before to make debit with the payment amount registered by customer:

  • a) Paying all outstanding balance; or
  • b) Pay the minimum amount; or
  • c) Payment by percentage (%) of outstanding balance (greater than minimum payment value).

2. Payment at Kienlongbank transaction counters:

  • You can come to Kienlongbank transaction counters to pay cash or request to deduct money from Kienlongbank current account to pay credit card balance.

3. Payment from other banks:

  • You can transfer (applicable to ordinary money transfers) from accounts opened at other banks to your credit card number to pay for Kienlongbank Credit Card.

4. Payment by Internet Banking of Kienlongbank:

Is there a fee for using Kienlongbank international credit card to withdraw cash at other banks' ATMs? How much is the fee?

When withdrawing cash with Kienlongbank international credit card:

  • At Kienlongbank's ATM: free
  • At other bank ATMs: the fee is 3.5% of the transaction value and the minimum is 50,000 VND. In addition, customers may be subject to an additional fee collected by the host ATM bank, which is different depending on the regulations of each bank.

Where can I do contactless payments?

  • You can make contactless payment transactions at stores with contactless payment symbols  icon-thanh-toan-khong-tiep-xuc or icon-thanh-toan-khong-tiep-xuc on card accepting devices.

Is there a fee for making contactless payments?

  • Kienlongbank is free to make contactless payment transactions with Kienlongbank Visa international credit card.

Is my information secure when I use the card for contactless payments?

  • Kienlongbank Visa - Contactless contactless international credit card is a form of EMV chip card technology with the safest security and security standards currently available, information is always stored and encrypted with high security transaction execution process.