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What is the expiry date of Kienlongbank's domestic debit card?

  • Kienlongbank domestic card: unlimited usage time.

Does Kienlongbank domestic debit card require to maintain a minimum balance?

  • Kienlongbank stipulates minimum balance for domestic debit card: student link card is 20,000 VND, while for other types of domestic debit card, minimum balance is required at 50,000 VND;

Using Kienlongbank domestic debit card, what transactions can customers do?

Using Kienlongbank domestic debit card, you can perform the following transactions:

  • Free cash withdrawal at all ATMs nationwide;
  • Payment for goods and services at stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, ... / online payment at websites bearing the Napas logo nationwide;
  • Bank transfer within Kienlongbank system at ATMs;
  • Look up card account balance;
  • Look up the history of the last 5 transactions of the card account;
  • Change the PIN code

What does the customer do to withdraw money at the ATM, the customer account has been deducted but the ATM does not pay money or the ATM pays money but the customer does not receive the money within the time allowed, so the money is swallowed by the ATM?

  • In this case, customers can go to any Kienlongbank branch / transaction office or contact Kienlongbank Hotline 1900 6929 to complain about this transaction. The bank will inspect and re-check the transaction, and will refund the amount that the customer has not received.

Time to handle complaints for:

  • Transactions at Kienlongbank ATM are 5 working days. Transactions at other bank ATMs and POS are 10 working days.