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Kienlongbank improves utility for 02 products "online savings" and "online deposit"

With the desire to bring to customers new experiences and convenience when participating in savings deposit at banks, Kienlongbank has improved the utility of two products "Online savings" and "Online deposit" from May 22, 2020.

Accordingly, customers can easily participate in "online savings" and "deposit online" when the amount deposited is only from VND 500,000, instead of VND 1,000,000 (for individual customers) and 50,000,000 VND (for corporate customers) as before; the new improvements also allow customers to make transactions anytime, anywhere even during holidays, outside working hours.


With this new policy, customers can choose from a variety of deposit terms, up to 36 months (old term up to 13 months).

Customers will still have deposit insurance in VND, confirming the deposit balance for legal purposes as before; can borrow up to 100% of valuable papers value. Especially, the interest rate for online savings will be higher than other forms of saving money at the counter.

When using Kienlongbank's savings products, customers can easily: actively deposit and withdraw money; check balances and interest rates on Internet Banking 24/24; travel restrictions; reduce documents and procedures between customers and the bank; optimal idle amounts; perform procedures quickly, safely and securely. This service is verified with an One Time Password (OTP) from the customer when withdrawing savings. Customer do not worry about losing your savings card or deposit contract; Regularly receive interest rate incentives and promotions.

In addition, the product also gives customers the convenience of being able to view the balance and expected interest received right on the Internet Banking service interface without having to go to a transaction counter.

For any detailed information, customers can visit website https://kienlongbank.com/ or contact Hotline 19006929 for advice.     

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