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Kienlongbank reduces loan interest rate of 3 pa to support fruit farmers suffering from ncov epidemic

Based on the State Bank of Vietnam guidance in Official Letter No.541/NHNN-TD of 4th February 2020 "On the implementation of measures to support the recovery of nCoV epidemic damage" and responding to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's call to share difficulties of domestic agriculture when market prices suddenly dropped sharply


Kienlongbank by motto "Willing to share" and together with the State, has adopted policy of sharing difficulties and support fruit farmers exporting products to China and other global markets. Specifically, Kienlongbank will apply loan interest rate reduction of 3%pa. for existing customers who grow: dragon fruit, watermelon, durian, jackfruit, mango, rambutan, banana from 1st February 2020 to 30th April 2020. During this time, Kienlongbank will support customers in reducing loan interest, waiving overdue penalties to help them overcome difficulties and restore production, business.


In the past time, Kienlongbank has shared with many loyal customers having temporary difficulties, as well as implemented many social accompanying programs such as: Offering stainless steel water tanks to Mekong Delta people in drought; supporting watermelon and dragon fruit farmers in price drop; pork and poultry farmers suffering from epidemics; customers affected by natural disasters...

Through these Programs, Kienlongbank wishes to have small contributions, join hands with customers to reduce costs, stabilize production, quickly overcome difficulties ahead and continue to develop in the future.


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