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How can life insurance benefit me and my family?

Financial security against risks:

- Life insurance  can help a family overcome a difficult period when the main income earner (the main person) in the family unfortunately dies. The amount of the death insurance benefits paid can help the client's loved one not fall into economic hardship, help their children continue to go to school ...,

- Life insurance provides support financial support so that customers can be assured of treatment in case of an accident or fatal disease ...

Accumulation for future plans:

Life insurance is also a tool of saving, investing, helping customers to participate. Insurance family members can create a significant source of money to:

- Give your child a good university at home or abroad,

Give your child some capital to live in,

- Buy a car, buy a house ...,

- And have fun enjoy a comfortable life when you retire.

- Helping people with BHNT really feel secure in life.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is:

  • Type of insurance where the insured is human.
  • Effective plan to protect financial safety for insurance customers and their families when they are unfortunate (such as death, accident, serious illness ...).
  • In addition, BHNT also helps customers to save and invest disciplined to implement future plans (such as securing their children's education, accumulating to buy a house, buy a car ... or have money for leisure retirement).

What insurance can I buy from AIA at Kienlongbank?

Kienlongbank customers can participate in the following products depending on their actual needs, health status and financial situation:
- 04 main products:

+ Preeminent lifetime security.

+ 100 healthier living

+ Sweetcare-Health insurance for people with diabetes.

+ InvestA - Unit-linked insurance.

- 07 additional products:

+ Free special fee.

+ Health care.

+ Reimbursement for hospitalization and surgery costs.

Accidental death and injury insurance.

+ Support hospitalization costs.

Comprehensive insurance for dangerous diseases.

+ Accidental death insurance.


Who should I call when an insurance event occurs? Kienlongbank or AIA?

  • When an insurance event occurs, the customer is given priority to handle the insurance event because the AIA product is BHNT. If the insurance event uses hospital fee guarantee or other medical care, the customer will contact AIA through the following channels: Hotline AIA, IOIS direct service contract and My AIA to pay the costs if any. In addition, customers can contact Kienlongbank because at Branches / Transaction Offices, IOIS -AIA is available to support.

As a Kienlongbank customer, what benefits will I get when joining AIA Insurance?

Kienlongbank's customers, when participating in AIA Insurance, will receive benefits from 2 financial institutions serving as follows:

- Kienlongbank:

+ Customers will feel secure in transactions and advice at the bank (transfer, authorization chi…)

+ Kienlongbank's staff understands customers' financial information and coordinate IOIS to provide the most appropriate financial solution and timely support customers during the time of joining AIA insurance.

+ To participate in the exclusive promotions of Kienlongbank - AIA.

+ When an insurance event occurs, customers can contact Kienlongbank because an IOIS team is always ready to serve.

- AIA Company:

+ IOIS team is regularly and professionally trained to serve customers.

+ Wellcome Call AIA team will support Kienlongbank customers with more peace of mind when joining AIA products.

+ AIA's customer support channels: IOIS, Hotline, Wellcome Call and MyAIA.

Participating in insurance products via iPOS app on iPad and customers are encouraged to receive e-policy e-policy.


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