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Who is the loan insurance applied to?

All individual Customers are eligible to borrow capital in accordance with Kienlongbank's collateral / unsecured loan products, and also satisfy the following conditions:

  • a. The person has full civil act capacity, is from 18 to 65 years old on the effective date of the Policy and not more than 66 years old on the termination date of the Policy. Age of the Insured is based on the year of birth of the Insured Person.
  • b. Completed procedures for signing credit contracts with Kienlongbank.
  • c. Not being permanently injured by 50% or more, having no nerve disease, leprosy, cancer or being treated for illnesses or accidents

What are the benefits of a Specific Loan Insurance product?

  • The Customer will be paid the maximum amount by Bao Long according to the insured amount in the event of an insured event (The Insured Person dies or Total permanent Injury due to an accident or illness occurring during the period. insurance period and not excluded as prescribed)

When I join loan insurance, will I pay money for Kienlongbank or directly to Bao Long Insurance?

  • Customers can pay / deposit money (or ask Kienlongbank's staff) to Bao Long's special collection account opened at Kienlongbank.

Do I need to have a medical examination when I join Loan Insurance?

  • Customers are not required to undergo medical examination, all based on honest and complete declaration on the Insurance Claim Form.

If I pay the loan before the deadline, can I continue to be insured?

  • The Borrower Health Insurance (Loan Insurance) is based on the Credit Contract signed between the Customer and Kienlongbank, so when the Credit Contract expires / deactivates, the Loan Insurance will also expire.

When an insurance event occurs, do I contact Bao Long Insurance Company or contact Kienlongbank?

When the Insured Person dies / is totally and permanently disabled due to accident / illness, the Client must:

  • Immediately notify the competent authority and Bao Long via email / phone according to the lead of the application. Bao Long consultant and / or hotline 1900 545517
  • Then, within 30 days of the insured event, must notify Bao Long in writing of the above insured event.

When I join the Loan Insurance contract, do I work with Kienlongbank's Lender or with Bao Long Insurance Company?

  • The Customer should contact Kienlongbank's staff for initial advice and information about the Customer's Insurance request will be transferred to Bao Long by Kienlongbank's staff for consideration of the contract.

In the event that my loved one dies in an accident and participates in Loan Insurance, how long will it take to receive the insurance money and what is the procedure to get insurance?

  • Bao Long will specifically guide the Customer to collect and provide the necessary documents / documents to claim. Claimants must be responsible for providing complete documents to Bao Long. And up to 5 working days after receiving a complete and valid claim dossier, Bao Long will send a notice on the result of compensation settlement to the Beneficiary.

What is the sum insured when participating in Loan Insurance?

  • Customers are entitled to buy insurance up to 05 billion VND / customer.

If I am over the age limit, can I buy Loan insurance but still want to buy it?

  • Depending on each specific case, Bao Long will consider and settle for exceptions and not exceed 74 years old. This does not mean that all customers over 65 years of age are insured when Bao Long requires that according to their age, the rate of insurance at this age is too much or not, the sum insured, ... then will confirm agree / disagree for coverage