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Using credit cards the modern payment trend

Convenient payments both in Vietnam and abroad, many promotion incentives are outstanding features of credit cards compared to conventional ATM cards.  

Follow the modern payment trend by choosing credit card?  

Convenient, multi-functional features are main reasons why this type of payment is increasingly chosen by customers worldwide and in Vietnam. According to the World Bank (WB) survey, non-cash payment has become a popular payment method in many developed countries with spending value accounting for more than 90% of total daily transactions.

The proportion of cash in US economy’s total money accounts for only about 7.7%. In Sweden alone, cash accounts for only about 2%, payment by card is the most popular with nearly 2.4 billion transactions via credit and debit cards in 2013, compared to 213 million in 15 years ago.

In Vietnam, in addition to simpler and more diverse payments, many banks now offer many attractive incentives to make credit cards one of the favorite forms of payment.

Convenient, versatile and many incentives 

Currently, many domestic banks are cooperating with famous credit card organizations such as JCB, VISA ... to provide credit cardholders with associated services domestically and internationally.

Mr. Phan Thanh Tan - in Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City said: "Credit card is very convenient for my life, I can spend anytime, anywhere, helping me save maximum time for myself and my family."

In line with this social trend and consumers’ demand, Kienlongbank has launched two international credit cards, Kienlongbank Visa and Kienlongbank JCB, respectively. With these two cards, Kienlongbank is confident that it will contribute more convenient and global payment tools to customers besides traditional banking products.

Kienlongbank JCB and Visa International credit cards have three credit limit classes: Classic (5 - under 30 million VND), Gold (From 30 - below 100 million VND), Platinum (From 100 million VND and above), satisfying maximum demands of customers at JCB/Visa card merchants in Vietnam and worldwide or on e-commerce websites.

Along with card utilities, Kienlongbank has simultaneously offer incentives such as: Free issuance fee; waived annual fee for the first year; free cash withdrawal at Kienlongbank ATMs; purchase first, pay later with interest-free up to 55 days, accepted for payment at millions merchants in the world and shopping online, 0% interest on installments, discounts up to 50% at shops. 

Especially, Kienlongbank is only issuer applying the privileges of Concierge for Kienlongbank JCB Platinum and Kienlongbank Visa Platinum cardholders for medical, tourism, shopping and entertainment services anywhere in the world with international travel insurance. Customers owning Kienlongbank credit cards will have more choice and payments globally in the development trend of international integration process. 

All Kienlongbank credit cards use Chip EMV technology with high security, e-commerce option feature on internet banking platform and 24/24 customer service via Hotline 19006929. Customers can rest assured when using Kienlongbank JCB and Kienlongbank Visa international credit cards in all domestic and foreign transactions. 


Many attractive and high value promotions

In wishes for more value to customers, and in response to the State policy on non-cash payment, from 16th July 2019 to 11th January 2020, Kienlongbank launched the promotion program "Using Kienlongbank Card to Win a car" for Kienlongbank credit cardholders with a total prize value of over VND 1.26 billion. 

Accordingly, customers who are main cardholders of Kienlongbank Visa/Kienlongbank JCB credit cards with a transaction value of VND 500,000 will receive 01 lucky draw number with 200 extremely attractive high value gifts:  01 Special prize - Mazda 3 car; 05 First prizes - SH Mode motorbikes; 34 Second prizes - 5 million VND PNJ Voucher and 160 Lucky prizes - high class suitcase.

"Using Kienlongbank card to win a car" is the ever first and biggest card promotion of Kienlongbank.

In addition, from 25th June to 25th September 2019, Kienlongbank cooperated with JCB International to deploy the promotion program "Hunt exclusive deals with JCB – for a tour to Japan" for new Kienlongbank JCB international credit cardholders. Customers will have opportunity to win a trip to Japan (up to VND 50 million value) and many other attractive incentives from Kienlongbank JCB international credit cards.

This is one of Kienlongbank's significant efforts to bring the best services and experience to its customers. This also proves that Kienlongbank is always ready to innovate to catch up with the development trend of international integration.