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Product information

Product description: Consumer loans for employees outside Kienlongbank (no security collateral) is lending product without security collateral for consuming/living support for customers who are employees working at organizations/businesses outside Kienlongbank.

Target customers: employees working at organizations/businesses outside Kienlongbank.


For employees:

  • Minimum working period of 12 months. 
  • Authorization for organizations/businesses (employer) to deduct their income to repay loans. 
  • Ability to repay loan principal and interest.
  • Purpose of using loans is to support living needs. 
  • Open current account at Kienlongbank.

For organization/business (employer):

  • Having creditworthiness, business operations are continuously efficient and profitable.
  • Commitment to confirm the employee’s working time, incomes and agree to deduct the employee’ income to repay loans to Kienlongbank.
  • Commits to pay staff salaries through  accounts opened at Kienlongbank. 
  • Commit to notify Kienlongbank of employee’s job quit, retain and remit to Kienlongbank all amounts payable to employee for loan payment.
  • Must have a cooperation/collaboration contract with Kienlongbank.

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