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Kienlongbank introduced billion promotion to depositors

Celebrating the 24th Anniversary (27th October 1995 – 27th October 2019), from 1st October 2019 to end of 2019, Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Kienlongbank) implemented the promotion program "Deposit Money at Kienlongbank - Double the Fortune" for all individual saving customers.

Accordingly, depositers with amount from VND20million with term at minimum 3 months, during validity period will have doubled benefits: Competitive deposit interest rate and lucky draw number for final drawing of 313 extremely attractive gifts, the total prize amounted to VND2.7 billion; specifically: 01 Special prize of VND300 million, 24 First prizes of VND50 million/prize, 24 Second prizes of VND20 million/prize, 24 Third prizes of VND10 million/prize (all prizes are Kienlongbank savings certificates), and 240 lucky prizes are Kienlongbank international debit cards of VND2 million/card. The more customers deposit and the longer term, more lucky numbers and chances to win the prizes. See detailed here


Through 24 years of operation and development, with the motto "Willing to share", Kienlongbank has been constantly striving to bring customers flexible financial solutions to meet all customers' needs for savings. , loans, card products and other services. Kienlongbank brand has a wide presence from the North to the South with a network of 134 transaction points and a team of 5,000 dedicated and professional employees. 

In addition to special incentive program for depositors, Kienlongbank is simultaneously implementing other great promotions for cardholders of Kienlongbank Visa, Kienlongbank JCB credit cards, domestic debit cards, International payments, preferential life insurance through Kienlongbank system. In particular, the program "Using Kienlongbank card to win a car" with 200 high value prizes, including car, SH motorbikes, gold vouchers and variety of other incentives.   

By this program, Kienlongbank wishes to bring a lot of joy and good luck to customers as appreciations for trust and loyalty over the last 24 years.

For more information, please visit www.kienlongbank.com or call Hotline 19006929.

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