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Kienlongbank discount up to 70% international money transfer fee for us dollar

With the desire to contribute to develop international trade as well as catch the needs of import-export enterprises that regularly use international money transfer services, from now to December 31, 2021, Kienlongbank developed " Preferential package up to 70% international money transfer fee for corporate customers ".

Accordingly, when customers make international outgoing and incoming money transfers in US dollars (USD), they can choose to register 5 preferential remittance service packages suitable for each need and number of transactions. Especially, Kienlongbank applies a discount of money transfer service fees up to 70%, the service package's usage period is within 12 months. In addition, customers also receive free consultation on international money transfer packages, free consultation on money transfer records and quick money transfers at Kienlongbank.


Kienlongbank develops its orientation to become a retail bank, serving agricultural and rural development, and providing small loans to support people and customers to easily access and use financial products and services in a convenient way, with the most reasonable cost. In addition, Kienlongbank still develops a variety of products and services, financial and banking solutions through distribution channels, domestic and foreign partner cooperation to fully sufficiently and diversify payment methods for serving to customers quickly, safely and economically. 

Through the preferential package of up to 70% international remittance fee in USD, Kienlongbank not only contributes to help businesses save international payment costs but also promotes trading activities, especially in the export import sector with foreign partners.  

For all detailed information, please visit website https://kienlongbank.com/ or contact Hotline 19006929 for advice.    

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