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Kienlongbank appoints 03 new deputy general director

On January 4, 2021, Kienlongbank's Board of Directors approved the decision to appoint 03 Deputy General Directors of Kienlongbank, including: Mr. Tran Ngoc Minh, Mr. Nguyen Van Minh and Mr. Vo Quoc Loi. After being appointed, Kienlongbank's Board of Management has 08 members, including General Director and 07 Deputy General Directors.

With the appointment of 03 new Deputy General Directors at this time, Kienlongbank wishes to consolidate and complete the organizational structure of the Board of Management in order to strengthen and promote business development, leading towards transforming the operational model of Kienlongbank to a digital banking model under the strategic direction of the period from 2021 to 2025 of the Bank. 

Accordingly, the 03 persons appointing the Deputy General Director of this phase are young leaders with high expertise and have held senior leadership positions at large and prestigious organizations in Vietnam. In which: Mr. Tran Ngoc Minh, born in 1984, holds a master's degree in economics from the Banking University, has 12 years of experience in the banking sector; Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, born in 1977, Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunications, VNU University of Sciences – University in Hanoi, with 20 years' experience working in the information technology field; and Mr. Vo Quoc Loi, born in 1988, holds a master's degree in business administration from London Business School (UK), with 9 years' experience working in the banking and finance sector.


Mr. Tran Ngoc Minh - Deputy General Director of Kienlongbank


Mr. Nguyen Van Minh - Deputy General Director of Kienlongbank


Mr. Vo Quoc Loi - Deputy General Director of Kienlongbank

It is known that Mr. Vo Quoc Loi is the eldest son of Mr. Vo Quoc Thang (former Chairman of Kienlongbank's Board of Directors, currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dongtam Group, Advisor of Kienlongbank). Mr. Loi currently owns 15,170,163 shares, accounting for 4.69% of Kienlongbank's charter capital. In addition, in the shareholder structure of the Bank, there are also institutional shareholders who are subsidiaries, and member companies of Dongtam Group currently owning 15,285,034 shares, accounting for 4.72% of Kienlongbank’s charter capital. Thus, the total number of shares of Mr. Loi and its subsidiaries and member companies currently owning 9.41% of Kienlongbank's charter capital.

With the many difficulties and challenges in the world as well as the domestic economy, which are predicted to continue in 2021, the banking industry in general and Kienlongbank in particular have actively proposed many new business solutions in accordance with the Bank's characteristics and strengths in order to promote internal resources and continuously develop in the new period. 

With high determination right from the beginning of 2021, Kienlongbank hopes that the new generation of leaders will bring a new, dynamic and creative wind along with Kienlongbank's 25 years of operation foundation, together with the Board of Management, the staff, employees and collaborators to complete the business plans set out in 2021 and continuously bring Kienlongbank to new heights.

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