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Handing gifts – Be grateful to customer for connecting in occasion of Kienlongbank 23rd Founding Anniversary

In Celebration of 23rd Founding Anniversary (27 October 1995 – 27 October 2018), Kienlongbank has launched "Handing gifts – Be grateful to customer for connecting" program with 70,000 gifts worth over VND 3 billion

The "Handing gifts – Be grateful to customer for connecting" program is implemented from 01 October to 31 December 2018, for businesses and individual customers who have accounts or open new accounts at Kienlongbank. Consumers using services on savings, loans, credit cards, meet the conditions of the program will be received a grateful gift from Kienlongbank which is a fresh ice milk coffee box - NutiCafe and/or a set of Kienlongbank teacup corresponding to conditions for each custome

In addition, Kienlongbank also applies preferential, attractive policies for card services. Kienlongbank JCB/Visa credit cards are free of charge for card release fee, annual fee of the first year, withdrawal fee at Kienlongbank ATM, interest free up to 55 days, up to 50% off, pay by instalmenwith 0% at link points. Besides, there are Concierge services (special assisting) with Platinum Kienlongbank card services include health, travel, shopping, entertainment… worldwide and International Travel Insurance for given. Release for free policies, annual fees and nationwide ATM withdrawals for Hoang Sa Vietnam-Truong Sa Vietnam Card.

 On the occasion of the 23rd Founding Anniversary, Kienlongbank expressed sincere thanks to all of customers who have trusted and attached to the Bank during the past time.

Visit www.khuyenmai.kienlongbank.com or contact to Hotline 1900 6929 for more information.