• Tiếng Việt

Documents and procedures

Documents: Individuals shall present sufficient documents on purpose, quantity and foreign currency type, payment time by regulations on foreign exchange controls.

Foreign currency – Vietnam Dong:

+ Foreign currencies selling:

  • Foreign currencies from savings books, personal accounts: Customers come to Kienlongbank counter with their ID and savings books (if any).
  • Foreign currency in cash: Customers come to Kienlongbank counter and make foreign currency statement slip.           

+ Foreign currency purchase: When customers have demand of buying and transferring foreign currency for tuition fees, traveling, business trip... customers can contact Kienlongbank 's branch/transaction office for instruction.

Foreign Currency – other foreign Currency: Customers can contact Kienlongbank 's Branch/Transaction Office to negotiate on exchange rate, payment date, remittance instruction, security deposit (if any), and transaction contract.