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Covid-19 prevention: Kienlongbank encourages customers to conduct online transactions

In the context that corona virus (Covid-19) is becoming complicated, demand for online transactions is also increasing. Requirements of staying at home and social distance make customers to find online transactions for health safety.


To help customers stay safe in Covid-19, Kienlongbank encourages customers to conduct online banking transactions for the Bank’s services.

Online savings – saving deposits without going to bank counters

Coming to counter for documentation and open saving certificate is uncomfortable and time-consuming for customers. Now, customers can open saving accounts, check information on interest rates, deposit finalization, renewal at anytime, anywhere on smart mobile devices (3G/ 4G/Wifi/GPRS connections). Online savings offer customers many incentives, convenient and safe operations.


Especially, when participating in online savings at Kienlongbank, customers can have up to 90% advance amount of the principle as loan without deposit termination before maturity. All transactions are secured by statements and multi-layer authentications (username, password, SMS, OTP). All transaction information is recorded, stored for later transactions. Minimum online deposit amount is 1 million VND with flexible terms of 01, 02, 03, 06, 09, 12 and 13 months, interest paid at term-end.

To participate, customers open a payment account and register for electronic banking services (SMS banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking).  

E-banking - Transaction channels, smart payment

Currently, beside services at counters, Kienlongbank also promotes electronic banking applications (SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking) with many outstanding features to help customers make transactions conveniently anytime and anywhere.


Kienlongbank's electronic banking service allows customers at home to transfer within and outside Kienlongbank, mobile phone top-up, bill payments, easy search for account information, branches/offices, exchange rate, interest rate, fee schedule.

Card payment - secures transactions in Covid-19 epidemic

Along with e-banking transactions, one of the optimal solutions for customers is card payment. With debit or credit cards, customers can easily buy goods online, pay for services and re-creations, etc.



In addition, customers also enjoy many incentive programs - utilities through card services. Limited use of cash also helps customers easily manage spending. Especially, when opening debit and credit cards at Kienlongbank, customers will receive a lot of preferential programs such as: Free card opening, free first year annual fee, interest free up to 55 days, free cash withdrawal, discount up to 50% at affiliate sale points. See more at Kienlongbank website.

Easy account information check

With the desire to bring transparency and peace of mind to customers, Kienlongbank simultaneously provided multiple channels for customers’ check of account information to easily search and manage.

In addition to coming to 134 branches, transaction offices for account information, customers can also visit Kienlongbank Website (for saving certificates, deposit contracts, guarantee certificates), electronic banking (SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking) or QR code (printed on saving certificates, deposit contract). With the above account information verification, customers can easily check and control accounts anytime, anywhere. 

Always be alerted for untrusted information

Currently, there are many criminals who make use of Covid-19 to pretend bank officers to send fraudulent promotions, rewards. Kienlongbank warns customers not to access unreliable links seem to be internet banking, email, SMS or social networking applications to avoid cheating.


Responding to the State's requests and recommendations of the Ministry of Health to participate in preventing and controlling Covid-19, Kienlongbank have implemented epidemic prevention measures such as providing adequate masks for tellers, hand sanitizer at counters, widely informing on disease prevention. Another measures that Kienlongbank also encourages customers to use during the epidemic season are digital banking and card payment services which help customers not only save time but also keep themselves and their family safe during the corona virus outbreak season.

Above are Kienlongbank's online products and services. Kindly also visit Kienlongbank website or contact Hotline 19006929 for further advice.    

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