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Contactless card - Basic information

Contactless payments are becoming trend. In addition to swiping local, international cards and paying with QR codes via mobile devices, contactless payment is a very convenient, fast and fashionable. 

What is contactless?

Contactless payment is a payment form that allows customers to place near/touch/lightly wave the card on a card reader (POS) with contactless payment feature to make transactions. Customers at counter do not need to swipe the card or enter the PIN. 


Contactless payment is a secured payment form by debit, credit or smart card to buy products or services.

For "Contactless Kienlongbank Visa credit card", Kienlongbank also integrates modern EMV chip technology to enhance customer information security.

How does EMV chip work?

EMV chip is integrated by Kienlongbank in all 3 classes of Classic, Gold and Platinum cards. EMV stands for the alliance of 3 financial institutions Europay, MasterCard and Visa. The EMV chip was born with mission to replace magnetic card.

EMV chip is an electronic chip with a processor like a high technology computer, capable of storing and encrypting information with high security. Cards equipped with an EMV chip will have a small metal square (similar to a phone sim card) just above the card number which is the EMV chip.


In fact, for a successful EMV card transaction, it will have to go through complicated verification steps from the card accepting device, card issuing bank and the alliance of the 3 financial institutions that create the chip EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa). Upon being certified by these organizations, the transaction is successful. Processing processes are rotated and closed. At first glance it seems that this process will take a lot of time but thanks to modern technology, the actual transaction takes less than 3 seconds. 

Therefore, this is a very safe and secured form of transaction even in Vietnam and abroad to avoid money or information stealings.  

How to use Kienlongbank Visa Contactless Card?

With 3 simple steps, payment is made quickly and conveniently at counters with Visa and Contactless logos.

  • Step 1: Find the Contactless icon on the device (POS)  
  • Step 2: Place near/touch/ lightly wave the card on the POS
  • Step 3: Complete the payment and receive the goods

With Kienlongbank Visa Contactless Card, customers can do transaction with Visa logo and Contactless symbol at any location domestically and abroad. 

In addition, Kienlongbank Visa Contactless cards can be accepted easily with payment compatible devices as smart mobile phone, smart watches, smart hand gadgets...


Applying EMV chip, Kienlongbank focuses on security

Along with many banks such as Vietcombank, Techcombank, Sacombank, Vietinbank as well as some international banks ANZ, HSBC, CitiBank, Kienlongbank soon introduces "Contactless Kienlongbank international credit cards" with advanced and modern EMV chip technology to enhance customer information’s confidentiality and security, to protect customers from risk of card data duplication, fraudulence and to optimize modern, smart payment experience with contactless cards.

To issue/ exchange to Contactless cards, please come to any Kienlongbank branches/transaction offices nationwide, visit https://kienlongbank.com or call Hotline: 19006929.

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