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Characteristic And Utilities


Tenor:  maximum of 84 months.

Loan amount: Maximum 100% of car purchase value and not exceeding loan against collateral ratio as prescribed by Kienlongbank.

Loan currency: VND.

Interest rate: by Kienlongbank's regulations from time to time.

Loan method:

  • For transportation: by separate credit contract.
  • For business purposes: by separate credit contract / limits.

Debt collection method:


  • Credit line loan (for auto business): Principal may be paid on last day of contract period.
  • Separate credit contract:  monthly, quarterly or at maturity.

Interest: Interest to be paid monthly/quarterly on actual loan balance.       

Fees: See fee schedule.


  •  Customers is vehicle owner on registration.
  •  Simple loan procedure creating the most favorable conditions for customers.