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3D secure required conditions for secured card transactions

Currently, consumers are moving towards using online transaction channels. Along with that there is always worry about data security. Therefore, the security of customer information is always top priority of banks.

We are all awared of news that customer account information was stolen. If customer unfortunately accessed to unreliable websites, risk of customer accounts being stolen is very high. Risks and information safety risk always exist. However, there is solution for above problems.


And, 3D Secure was born with solution to help customers minimize risks such as fraud, stealing of card information and to protect user rights in transaction disputes with goods, service suppliers.

3D Secure, modern security technology

3D Secure is a security program developed based on security standards of global financial institutions Visa/MasterCard/JCB to ensure the legitimate cardholder is the right person to use credit/debit cards to make payment at the transaction time. 

Security experts also recommend that users should not make online payment transactions in strange public devices and should only deal with reputable website addresses, which are highly recommended by other users.


During transaction process, besides usual authentication steps, Kienlongbank also deployed the "3D Secure online transaction authentication service" via one-time password (OTP) sent to mobile phone number registered with Kienlongbank. For cardholders, 3D Secure ensures that only the cardholder will receive password to complete the transaction.

An easy-to-understand example, even if customers disclose card information, other person can not use those to pay online.  3D Secure will authenticate the cardholder with an OTP automatically sent by Kienlongbank to previously registered mobile number. Transactions can only be made when the password is entered by cardholder on online payment system.

Secured card transaction

3D Secure are implemented to ensure the interaction between service providers, customers and card issuers, making the information security process more secured. Obviously, 3D-Secure was no longer a trend but a must to secure customer information at maximum level. 

In principle of keeping customer information confidential, the Government's Decree 117 of 2019 stipulates that customer information of credit institutions and foreign bank branches must be kept confidential. 


Understanding that, besides deploying the "3D Secure online transaction authentication service", Kienlongbank also enhances the security of customer information by contactless payment for Kienlongbank Visa international credit card from 6th December 2019. Contactless payment feature helps customers have modern, fast and convenient transaction experiences.  

In addition to the above services and features, Kienlongbank cardholders will also enjoy quality customer care policies and special privileges of Kienlongbank international credit cards.

With the implementation of 3D Secure service and contactless payment feature , Kienlongbank is committed to continuously improving the quality of products and services; bring the best utilities and features to customers, at the same time, applying modern and advanced technologies with criteria: SAFETY - SECURITY - UTILITIES.

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