• Tiếng Việt

Product information

Product Description: is a demand deposit at Kienlongbank for depositing, maintaining credit balance and making payments via banks by cash and non-cash methods.

Target customers: Institutional customers.


Deposit term: No term.

Deposit currency: VND, foreign currency.

Minimum deposit amount: 1,000,000 VND or 100 foreign currency units.

Interest rate: See interest rate schedule.

Fees: See fee schedule.

Use of account:

  • Send, withdraw cash: by customers directly or through other persons.        
  • Request Kienlongbank to provide payments at counter or by electronic channels.
  • Perform check payment services, payment orders, collection authorization, debit card, letters of credit, remittance, collections, and other value-added services in conformity with the law.        
  • For withdrawals from foreign currency accounts, it is required to present documents proving transaction’s validity and legality.