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Ms. Tran Tuan Anh officially took over the position of Chief Executive Officer of Kienlongbank

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has just released an Official Letter No. 2620/NHNN-TTGSNH dated 20th April 2018 on approving the appointment of Ms. Tran Tuan Anh as Chief Executive Officer of Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Kienlongbank). 

Previously, Kienlongbank's Board of Directors (BOD) promulgated the Decision No. 20/QD-HDQT dated 24th February 2018 on appointing Ms. Tran Tuan Anh - Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Kienlongbank to hold the position of Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Bank from 24th February 2018.

Born in 1976, Ms. Tran Tuan Anh has a Bachelor Degree of Banking and Finance, a Master Degree of Law from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. With more than 19 years of experience in banking and finance, she has held a series of important positions in several banks with her dedicated work spirit and high responsibility, spending more than 4 years to undertake many important roles in Kienlongbank, such as: Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Deputy General Director cum Director of Legal and Debt Recovery Department, Standing Deputy General Director. An ocean of her significant contributions to the Bank has been recorded.

Thanks to the continuous development in deploying a wide range of offering packages, improving service quality, along with the great determination of the Board of Directors and all employees, the Kienlongbank's 2017 business targets were recorded with a good growth against 2016 and most of the planned targets were successfully fulfilled, concretely: pre-tax profit reached VND252.19 billion; mobilized capital increased 25.73% against 2016; outstanding debts increased by 24.89% against 2016; controlled bad debt ratio was 0.84%; dividend yield in 2017 was 8%.

Upon consideration of the achievements in 2017, the 2018 business plan has been setup by the Board of Directors and Board of Management. Accordingly, Kienlongbank expects total assets at the end of the year reach VND44,000 billion; consolidated pre-tax profit hit VND405 billion; mobilized capital reach VND39,500 billion; credit obtains VND30,206 billion; controlled bad debt ratio under 2.5%. The plan together with the related documents will be submitted to Kienlongbank's shareholders in the 2018 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting to be held on 26th April 2018 in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province.