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Kienlongbank officially launched the new website

Website Kienlongbank new version www.kienlongbank.com is integrated with many improved features: friendly interface, fast processing speed and optimize user experience.  
With the aim of providing customers, partners and investors with new experiences in finding information about products and services, Kienlongbank activities, optimizing transaction time and easily interacting on devices, from 1st July 2019, Kienlongbank officially launched a new website version with a completely different interface to made a new landmark in digital banking roadmap.


Based on modern technology with fast processing speed and useful information system, Kienlongbank's new website has an interface designed based on the arrangement of letter shapes and open spaces, integrating technique of multiple background images moving at different speeds at the same time, creating a sense of depth, being simple but elegant, bringing a different experience, helping users easily interact with the website. With outstanding features: modern style, smooth movement with design inspiration based on an artful arrangement of words, ensuring the most efficient transmission of information, full screen images, being dynamic and focusing on contents, Kienlongbank's new website meets users’ and new trend requirements.

Especially in this launch, Kienlongbank website also has outstanding features such as: integrated online map developed by Google to help customers find and locate sales points, ATM quickly, exactly; register to use products and services online. In addition, the previous utility features are further improved such as: convenient, safe and confidential verification of savings certificates/guarantee certificates; foreign exchange;  loan/savings calculator,... 

Kienlongbank representative informed: “The new website launch is part of Kienlongbank's business plan in 2019. This is roadmap for Kienlongbank Digital Banking project to develop retail banking under direction of e-banking, to transform for better client services".

On this occasion, Kienlongbank launched the " Surf Kienlongbank website for gifts" program with hundreds of gifts for visitors and participating in new website survey. Kienlongbank will randomly select individual practical suggestions for the Bank website. The survey is from 1st to end of July 2019, list of rewarded customers will be announced in August 2019.

Kienlongbank Website: https://kienlongbank.com/en-US/default.aspx 

Survey page: http://khaosat.kienlongbank.com/web2019/ 

See the "Surf Kienlongbank website for gifts" program here

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