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Kienlongbank joins hands for covid-19 drought soil salinity preventions

In compliance with Official Letter No. 337/CDNH dated 18th March2020 of Vietnam Banking Union and in response to the State's policy, Kienlongbank Labor Union Executive Committee has encouraged the bank’s labor members, workers (employees) to contribute and support movement of preventing and controlling Covid-19 epidemic, drought and saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta provinces. 


This is a meaningful humanity program of Vietnamese people in general and of Kienlongbank’s employees in particular. The donation will be for medical equipments, necessities to protect medical staff, policemen, soldiers, press agencies in direct contact with infected and suspected to be infected people in isolation and at the same time support people in the Mekong Delta provinces suffered by drought and saltwater intrusion. Joining hands with the country population, employees at Kienlongbank contributed 1 day salary and actively participated in the program "The whole population supporting Covid-19 prevention" by sending money by text message Portal 1400 from 19th March to 18th June 2020.  

In development of solidarity tradition and spreading message "Willing to share", Kienlongbank Labor Union continuously cooperated with the Management to deploy programs such as: awarding scholarships to good students in difficulties, building charity house, supporting island soldiers, fishermen, participating in blood donation... Through these activities, Kienlongbank wishes to share responsibility with the community and society, contribute for a more meaningful and better living.

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