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Kienlongbank holds a Review Meeting for 6-first-month Performance of 2017

Kienlongbank head office building in HCM

A Review Meeting on 6-first-month Business Performance and fulfillment of the other 6-month business plan of 2017 was held on July 17th, 2017 in HCMC by Kienlongbank. The meeting was participated by members of BOD, Supervisory Board, Board of Management and over 125 Directors of HO Departments, Divisions, Branches and Transaction Offices in entire Kienlongbank system.

Mr. Vo Van Chau - Member of BOD, Kienlongbank General Director delivered his opening speech

Giving his speech at the meeting, Mr. Vo Van Chau - Member of BOD cum General Director unveiled that all important business targets for the first 6 months of 2017 are successfully fulfilled by Kienlongbank and the staff's great effort and valuable contribution to Kienlongbank achievement are highly appreciated.

Up to June 30th, 2017, Kienlongbank's total asset reached VND 34,508 billion, increasing by 13.32% compared to that of 2016, fulfilling 94.54% plan of 2017; Credit outstanding balance reached VND 22,889 billion, increasing by 15.80% compared to that of 2016, fulfilling 92.67% plan of 2017; deposit reached VND 30,525 billion, increasing by 15.77% compared to that of 2016, fulfilling 93.92% plan of 2017; bad debt ratio was 0.97%; before-tax profit reached VND 137.07 billion, fulfilling 54.83% plan of 2017; performance safety indicators are complied with the State Bank of Vietnam; a series of products and services and promotion programs are constantly launched; staff and employees’ living is ceaselessly improved.

With convenient developments of stock market in general and banking share in particular, on June 29th, 2017, 300 million of shares with ticker of KLB were offered in  UPCoM, attracting the great concern of the investors.  KLB share offering on UPCoM marks an important breakthrough in over 22 anniversaries of Kienlongbank. Such event successfully improved the Bank's operation transparency, facilitating shareholders’ share trading. Simultaneously, an ocean of new opportunities are offered to access to long-term deposit channels in the market, timely satisfying Kienlongbank’s business plan in the near future.

KLB share inauguration ceremony

Mr. Vo Quoc Thang – Chairman of Kienlongbank Board of Directors said: “In the context of recently favorable socio-economic conditions, the whole banking industry has concentrated its resources on “Restructure Plan of 2016 - 2020” and made great determination to handle bad debt as directed by the Government. Kienlongbank's key task of 2017 is to continue implementing Kienlongbank restructure under the method submitted to the State Bank of Vietnam. The above results are recognizable effort of Kienlongbank staff and employees, acting as a reliable ground for Kienlongbank to successfully conquer new development period, 2016 - 2020.”

With positive results achieved in 6 first months of the year and to continue the implementation of performance target being “Secure and stable operation with appropriate profit” in the last 6 months of 2017, Kienlongbank managements and staff and employees strive and determine to go beyond indicated business targets and plans approved by Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2017.