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Kienlongbank has new customer connection channel via zalo

In order to actively connect with more than 100 million individual customers on Zalo and to consult, answer queries on financial and banking needs, from 26th November 2019, Kienlongbank officially launched a new customer connection channel via Zalo with many utilities.


Through this channel, customers can follow and update useful information from Kienlongbank such as: business news; products, services, promotions, incentives; convenient, safe and confidential lookup of saving deposit/guarantee certificates; loans/saving deposit calculation... Besides, Kienlongbank always remains online customer service team to consult and answer queries of customers quickly and promptly on 24/24 and completely free manner. Customers just login to personal Zalo account, search for "Kienlongbank" or scan Kienlongbank's QR code on Zalo, press "Interested" to connect to Kienlongbank.


With the addition of new interactive channel, Kienlongbank deployed information and customer connection channel including: 134 transaction points nationwide, website www.kienlongbank.com , Hotline 19,006,929 , Facebook Kienlongbank, Email: kienlong@kienlongbank.com or chamsockhachhang@kienlongbank.com and Zalo OA Kienlongbank.

In addition, customers can view instructions for using Zalo Official Account Kienlongbank here.

Through the application of digital technology platform to improve service quality and customer care, Kienlongbank expects to provide a new channel of information, support customers in accessing financial services, at the same time create more utilities, improve added value to better serve customers.

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