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Kienlongbank gives many incentive loan packages for individual customers

Meeting capital needs for customers to expand production, develop business activities as well as serve consumer needs in life, from now to the end of September 30, 2020, Kienlongbank has deployed simultaneously 03 credit packages with attractive and competitive interest rates for individual customers, including:

1. Credit package "Realize your dream home"

2. Credit package "Need a low interest, come to Kienlongbank"

3. Credit package "Preferential loan for production and business by installment payment"


With the implementation of the above preferential credit packages, Kienlongbank wishes to meet all the needs of customers such as: borrowing money to buy houses, building and repairing houses, land transfer and serving the needs of family activities; production, business and consumption, serving life; or supplementing investment capital to purchase tools and equipments for regular production and business activities, reconstructing or sponsoring business capital. Thereby, Kienlongbank wishes to support customers to promote economic development after the pandemic and improve the quality of life.

* For more details, customers can visit website https://kienlongbank.com/en-US/default.aspx or contact Hotline 19006929 for advice.   

* Details of the program can be found here  

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