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Kienlongbank easily verify deposit contract by qr code

With the desire to bring transparency and peace of mind to customers when depositing money at the Bank, Kienlongbank has been implementing simultaneous features of looking up account information through 4 methods: At the counter, SMS Banking, Internet Banking and QR Code. For deposit contracts, customers have more channels to look up account information by QR Code and online from 26th August 2019.

Accordingly, Kienlongbank will print QR Code on the deposit contracts with Kienlongbank. For the previous contracts, customers can bring to Kienlongbank counter for additional QR Code.

The implementation of QR Code helps customers check and verify that the information on contract coincides with the information of ownership, date, current balance, interest ... in Kienlongbank system or not and helps customers feel secured with the deposit at Kienlongbank.

The operation is quite simple, at anytime and anywhere, customers only scan the QR code on the contract by smart devices (Scan QR) or turn on camera mode or use free QR code scanning applications such as Zalo, Facebook, Viber... After recognizing QR Code, the application will display 01 link for customers to view details of customers' deposit contracts with the Bank.


Kienlongbank is one of the pioneer to apply account information lookup via QR Code. Up to present time, Kienlongbank customers can check, look up and control their bank accounts anytime, anywhere. This satisfies customers’ needs for information transparency, peace of mind feeling, trusts in depositing money at Kienlongbank and also complies with the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam on measures to check account balance in accordance with Circular No. 48/2018/TT-NHNN and Circular No. 49/2019/TT-NHNN

6 ways to check deposit balance at Kienlongbank:

  • By QR code (printed on savings certificates, saving deposit contracts)
  • Kienlongbank website => Select Verification function (For savings certificates, saving deposit contracts, guarantee certificates)   
  • Internet Banking (Login with Username and Password assigned by Kienlongbank)    
  • Mobile Banking: customers look up information on the account (customers download the application to phone with sim card already registered with Kienlongbank)
  • SMS Banking : customers text in syntax KLB[space]SD[space]account number and send to 6089 (for mobile phone numbers registered with Kienlongbank)
  • At branches and transaction offices of Kienlongbank  

For further information, please call the nearest branch, transaction office or visit: www.kienlongbank.com, dial hotline 19006929.

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