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Join kienlongbank to say no to plastics

Plastic waste is the global critical problem. Each year the amount of plastic waste produced by humans is enough to cover four times of the Earth surface area, of which there is 13 million tons of plastic waste floating in the oceans. Plastic waste is daily, hourly negatively impacting the ecosystem, environment, human health and sustainable development of each country.


Responding to the Prime Minister's call for "Against plastic waste" movement and with desire to join hands to protect the environment, Kienlongbank launched the movement "Join Kienlongbank to say NO to plastics". With this message, Kienlongbank will use glass bottles in offices and meetings, using eco-friendly bags instead of plastic products or disposable products.

Through these activities, Kienlongbank wishes to spread the message, raise awareness and responsibility of all employees in environmental protection, thereby joining hands with the society in building a green and clean environment.

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