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Customers can purchase corporate bond products with attractive interest rates through kienlongbank system

In order to create more safe and effective investment channels, contributing to diversify products and services for customers, from November 24, 2020, customers can PURCHASE corporate bond products (corporate bonds) through Kienlongbank system with competitive interest rates and optimal investment capital.


The bond that Kienlongbank consulted and introduced is corporate bonds issued by Sunshine Cab Joint Stock Company (SSC), a member of Sunshine International Property Technology Group Joint Stock Company (SIPT). The product has the following basic features such as: Non-convertible bonds, non-warrant bonds, guaranteed by property, issued with a par value of VND 100,000 (In words: One hundred thousand VND)/bond; Total issue value is 450 billion VND; 36-month term; Interest rates up to 10.35%/year.

Customers participating in purchasing corporate bonds will receive benefits: competitive fixed interest rates compared to the market, easy to transfer through the trading floor, less risk... The trading, exploiting and selling corporate bond products Through Kienlongbank's distribution channel in order to diversify products and services and bring a variety of Bank’s flexible financial solution, to meet and suit all needs of individual customers, local and international organizations. The combination of Kienlongbank's extensive operation network and Sunshine Group's financial capacity will be an effective investment channel, expected to bring positive benefits to investors.

For more information, please contact:

The transaction offices of Kienlongbank   

Website: https://kienlongbank.com/en-US/default.aspx 

Hotline: 19006929

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