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Ms.Nguyen Thi Thu

“I am customer of Kienlongbank for more than 12 years, I am satisfied with professional and friendly attitude of Kienlongbank's staff. I was especially impressed with the social charity activities that Kienlongbank organized locally.”
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Ms.Le Thi Nhai

“I am really impressed with the way the Bank operates and serves customers: dedicated, friendly and sincere.”
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Ms.Huynh Thi My Van

“I started handling banking transactions with Kienlongbank since 2011. I prefer sincerity and friendliness to maintain long-term relationship with Kienlongbank, not just for benefits that I have.”
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Mr.Hua Tri Hung

Lucky Prize Winner for Korean tour in program “Savings Deposit at Kienlongbank – Enjoy Tours in Asia, Europe, America”:
“I appreciate Kienlongbank for organizing a promotion so that I have opportunity to join and be lucky to win an overseas trip. I wish that Kienlongbank will organize more programs for customers to win as I did.”
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