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Relatives of Ms. Huynh Phuong Hang

Customer Kienlongbank Tan Binh branch who is Special Prize Winner of Kia Sedona car in promotion Program "Savings Deposit to Receive Countless Gifts and Win 3 Cars".
“Living more than half of my life, it is the first time I believe good luck came to me. Many thanks to Kienlongbank for bringing that luck to me and I hope that other Kienlongbank's customers will always be as lucky as me”.
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Ms.Chau Van – Customer of Kienlongbank Nam Can transaction office - Ca Mau

“When I won the Special Prize, Kienlongbank has been established and operated for 3 months, I gave all my confidence to deposit savings at the bank and did not think that I am lucky enough. In addition, all Kienlongbank staff and officers are so kind and gentle that's what I love the most”.
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Ông Henrique Calisto

I use Kienlongbank’s International Visa Card and I have found that it is very convenient and secured.
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Mr.Phan Van Lam

Special Prize Winner of savings program "Savings Deposit at Kienlongbank to Double the fortune" with 300 million VND Kienlongbank savings book as the prize.
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Ms.Le Thi Nhai

“I am really impressed with the way the Bank operates and serves customers: dedicated, friendly and sincere.”
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Ms.Huynh Thi My Van

“I started handling banking transactions with Kienlongbank since 2011. I prefer sincerity and friendliness to maintain long-term relationship with Kienlongbank, not just for benefits that I have.”
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