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Annoucnment about termination of transactions on thursday at some transaction offices

Dear Customer
For convenience in the transaction process of customers, Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Kienlongbank) would like to announce the termination of transactions on Saturday morning at some Transaction Offices from July 1, 2020, The remaining branches/transaction offices are still operating normally. Please see the detailed list here 


Kienlongbank encourages customers to choose transaction channels through: (1) local transaction points; (2) electronic banking channels (SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking) to conveniently make transactions, save time and suit the needs of customers. The ATM system, Kienlongbank still provides a full range of services such as balance inquiry, transaction statement, transfer, top-up, ... ensuring probably operation 24/7.

Kienlongbank informs customers to help them be proactive in performing transaction with the Bank. For more information, customers can visit website https://kienlongbank.com/en-US/default.aspx or Hotline 19006929 (24/24) for timely advice.    

Sincerely thank you!

List of 40 transaction points terminated for trading on Saturday morning: 



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