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Product description: Dream Savings is an accumulate savings product that customers make for beloved relatives in family. The product is designed with features as a "piggy bank" to help children to save money and understand the money value.

Customers: Individuals under 15 years old accompanied by their guardian or legal representative.


Term:  01 to 15 years (year is rounded).

Deposit currency: VND.

Form:  Term Deposit with interest payment at maturity.

Deposit method: Cash deposit/Transfer from another account.

Minimum deposit amount: 200,000 VND/time.

  • Unlimited number of times
  • Maximum registered target value: 5 billion VND.       

Interest rate:

  • Interest rate is floating and based on normal interest rate of 12-month term with interest paid at term end. 
  • When the interest rate changes, the savings balance will enjoy the new rate (as effective). 
  • See interest rate schedule.

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