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Kienlongbank TV No. 01

Welcome Kienlongbank TV No. 01

With the willing to transmit information about Kienlongbank's products, services and events to customers and all officers, employees, and collaborators, Kienlongbank officially released Kienlongbank TV channel from June 2018.



Along with the the news on newspaper and website, Kienlongbank TV will transmit information about the Bank: updated the vivid and rich content. In particular, just with the internet, Kienlongbank TV will be a companion with the audience anytime, anywhere (via website, Youtube, Facebook Kienlongbank).    

Kienlongbank TV A place to transmit information, activities, products and services of the Bank to all customers and all Kienlongbank's employees with news and familiar topics such as: 24-hour Kienlongbank, companioning with customers and happy with Kienlongbank. 

Kienlongbank TV No. 1 with news updated in the second quarter of 2018 will continue to companion with customers and audience. 

Please watch and feel Kienlongbank TV number 01. We wish the audience a relaxing and comfortable moment. Do not forget to share on your personal Facebook if the information is useful. Thank you for your audience !