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Features of Product

  • Target customers: Vietnam nationals or non-nationals recognized under the law of Vietnam retaining all civil rights and duties. They are also owners of Kienlongbank Debit Account
  • Terms: 01 week, 02 weeks, 03 weeks, from 01 to 60 months
  • Types of currency: VND and USD
  • Minimum deposit amount: 100.000 VND or 10 USD
  • Minimum balance: 100.000 VND or 10 USD
Fee and Interest Rate

  • Interest Calculations: Single interest
  • Interest Rate: Please refer to our current VND or USD Interest Rate Table
  • Service Fee: Please refer to our Fee Appendix
Applications and Procedures


  • Vietnam nationals: National Identification card or a valid passport (official or notarized copies)
  • Vietnam non-nationals: Permanent or temporary resident card and a valid passport with valid visa (offical copies).
  • Other documents requested by Kienlongbank (if applicable)


  • Customers deposit money and transfer to their accounts at Kienlongbank to open a saving account;
Benefits of Products

  • High-return and competitive interest rate
  • Authorize another entity to perform transactions in compliance with current regulations;
  • Confirmation of account balance for visa application for tourism, studying abroad
  • The basis for overdrafting qualifications
  • To secure a loan, or warrant third party for loan application at Kienlongbank with preferred interest rate.
 For more information, please contact the nearest branches / transactional offices or dial 1900 5555 39 for assistance.

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